Blueprint Request: Zigbee2MQTT Lutron Aurora Dimmer Control

I have attempted to create an automation to match the brightness value provide from the Lutron Aurora Dimmer Button. I can automate the button press but struggling with the brightness value.

The brightness value is 0 to 255 based on the rotation on the dimmer. I want to match the output brightness value to control the brightness of a hue bulb.

I have seen a lot in regards to using node-red. I am not sure if blueprints are capable of this type of control or if I need to go to sorting this through node-red.

Should be in #configuration:blueprints

Do you have a particular one in mind?

I have tried a bunch of different ones already with not much luck. I’ve tried a bunch of the adjust brightness but many use increase on hold type. Not rotatory type.

There is IKEA Symfonisk but it has rotate right and left actions. The aurora dimmer only has the 0-255 values. ZHA - IKEA Symfonisk sound controller for lights (the spinny one)

I did also look at the MQTT messages. Seems like I’d have to be writing my own blueprint from scratch. Using MQTT messages as triggers

This post: Feedback on the new brightness_increase/decrease automations
Implies that it is something that has been done before by other posters. Hence my thread about it.

Reading: 0.106: Light brightness stepping, better Safe Mode and person dialog
I don’t get the options when following the basic automation options. I only get the options to increase up or down. The pictures in the blog ar gone for me making understanding what is happening harder.

At this point, I have been searching a lot on this topic both last night and tonight. I’d like some more specific help than a basic forum search, if you don’t mind.

No I mean #blueprints-exchange is for sharing blueprints, #configuration:blueprints is for questions about them.

Ah understood. Sorry!

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I’ve created one! I jus posted it today, but I’d love some feedback :grin:

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