Bluetooth dongle cannot be integrated

Hello all,
I hope you can help me with my Bluetooth problem. I have Home Assistant running as a VM on a Diskstation and have now tested 3 different Bluetooth dongles (TP-Link UB500 and UB400 and Logolink V4) but always without success. Different USB ports and USB 2.0 / 3.0 I have also tested. Under hardware (supervisor) it is recognized but in the terminal when I type blutoothctl devices it always says “no default controller available”.
With the command dmesg|grep -i usb it is also found but in the last line it says “usb 2-1: can’t set config #1 error -32”.
I have now searched for 3 days in Google for all possible and find but no solution.
I would be very grateful for any help or tips.

First you have to configure the Host OS(Diskstation ) to use that dongle for Blutooth, then the VM-manager have to recconice that the Host OS uses this dongle for bluetooth( i.e. under network devices you have to see “Bluetooth device” and enable it for use), fist then you can “hope” that HA can recconice this Device … and do restart your Host efter setting it up there, then your VM after setting it up there, then HA … what you see when running( dmesg|grep -i usb ) is an usb-device, not a Bluetooth device

that’s exactly how I proceeded.
Here are screenshots of the results.

OK, well, sorry i don’t intend to read about your OS, to find out how this supports Bluetooth, or how to get Bluetooth working on this OS level, if it don’t, there will be no support for Bluetooth in VM, as VM can’t find a Bluetooth enabled/capable Device

And how does it look under the “netzwerk” … Bluetooth is a network “protocol” ( or technology) , usb is an interface

VM still don’t see/support Bluetooth, just because you “added” a device to a usb port

Edit: in what OS did you install VM ?, first this should support Bluetooth, next VM have to “discover” this, and support it

The operating system is that of the Synology Diskstation with DSM 7, on which I have the VM running (VMware ESXi/vSphere .ova).