Bluetooth - Yellow Box - Iphone Location

If not mistaken, the Yellow Box uses the Silicon Labs MGM210P which according to this link includes Bluetooth.
However when I click on Bluetooth in Integrations it shows:

The reason that I am exploring Bluetooth is that I had remove HA App from my wife’s Iphone because she continuously received Apple notifications telling her that a new device was connecting.
I am wondering if I use Bluetooth then whenever my wife enters or leaves home it will then create a State in HA that I can use in an Automation with, for instance, the A/C thermostat.

For sure, Yellow doesn’t advertise bluetooth support: Home Assistant Yellow - Home Assistant
Maybe your CM4 has BT?


That is what I am trying to figure out. I am not very technical and I purchased the complete Yellow Box, meaning with Rpi already built in.

Maybe I was not obvious.

You have an ignored BT adapter. Maybe try to un-ignore it…

I did un-ignore and now I gwt:

So my question is whether I can add a Bluetooth USB to my Yellow Box ?

What was the ignored BT adapter… :tired_face:

I understand what you wrote and actually did the un-ignore of the BT, but then mysteriously there no longer is any BT ignored or not. I need to explore this more later today.

Anyway. Yes, you can add a bt adapter.

Look here for supported devices

I don’t think an iPhone can be detected using Bluetooth. At least I never succeeded trying. I am using WiFi for presence, but sometimes I open the door earlier than my phone is connected to the WiFi, so I get an alert.

In an attempt to prevent that from happening, I considered using Bluetooth. Since the pybluez incompatibility with the current Python version, this seems to be a no go :arrow_heading_down:

Since before the HA companion even existed, I use Google Maps location sharing to get geofencing without the app.

Create a dummy google account, share your location with it, then

That is what I get when I add your link

Thanks for the info

Heh? That’s the link to the documentation, listing known working bt adapters… :thinking:

This looks interesting and I will try later today.

I created cookie file but it contains more than one cookie, so I don’t really know which one to use. I am also not a ‘hero’ when it comes to changing the configuration file (Yaml scares me a bit :frowning: ), but once I figure out which cookie to use, I’ll give it a try.