Blurams Camera’s and Doorbell Integration

It would be great to get an integration for the Bluram line of devices. They have built in facial recognition which could be very useful for home assistant.


I have just purchased one of their doorbells and would also like to see this!

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Here too can’t wait for the doorbell

Just got a dome during BF for £19 as I thought I will check out the equipment before my doorbell comes. I love it. Need some HA installation!

Any updates on the Blurams integration?

I just got two of the doorbells from Kickstarter/Indiegogo and am pleasantly surprised at how good they are.

Definitely a candidate for HA integration.

They are awesome! Recieved mine yesterday and am well impressed.

Tell your friends to get voting for this integration, as it would be awesome :smile:

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I have mentioned home assistant to the blurams group.
Fair play they did reply saying that they are looking into contacting the Devs to help integrate the cameras.

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I’m new to HA and I’ve just got the Blurams doorbell. I’ve been trying to integrate it through IFTTT as they support blurams. After a full day of pulling my hair out, I’ve given up! Can’t wait for native support in HA


I may have some good news for you then, as I have just got this working between IFTTT and HA!
Will drop you a private message soon with some details.


Cheers, I cracked it just before I went to bed last night! I’m not 100% sure how, but it seems to work most of the time. I’d be interested to see if we came to the same conclusion though. My neighbours just think I’m a lunatic popping out of my house several times and waving at my door :joy:

Not strictly HA-related, but I just got the Blurams Video Doorbell. Does anyone know if you can get it to notify you ONLY when someone presses the doorbell? At the moment I get “Someone appeared” notification literally every 1-2 minutes, whenever someone walks past the house (the pavement is 3 metres from my front door). Annoyingly, I don’t get a “ring” notification at all when someone presses the doorbell - only a “Someone appeared” notification, which is impossible to distinguish from the 50+ other notifications that I get every hour.

I got the same as well - the doorbell is waaaaaay too sensitive. I actually cut a section of a semi-opaque takeaway box and stuck it over the lower section of the doorbell. I’ve got from 80+ notifications a day down to 1 or 2!

Are you finding that you are always getting notified when someone actually presses the doorbell? I very rarely get those (maybe one in every 10 presses) - I think they are being drowned out by the barrage of “someone appeared” events.

I don’t find any issues with people pressing the button now. However, I did find when I was initially setting it up and testing the doorbell, when I was pressing it in quick succession - perhaps a couple times a minute, that definitely impacted the hit rate of it. So it could be that because you are getting a lot of motion detection - that could be impeding it generally.

This is the before and after of me putting that plastic over the bell (I also live close a main road). At one point the battery was draining in a couple a days!

That’s interesting. You’ve reinforced my suspicion that the false positives are drowning out the genuine doorbell presses. I’ve just checked my phone and there are 10 events from the last 5 minutes - 2 “human shape” events and 8 “motion” events. This is despite the fact that I have disabled motion detection (???). If I disable “someone appears” notifications then I get absolutely no notifications when someone presses the doorbell (not even 1 in 10), so I guess I am forced to leave that enabled.
I think I might try your trick - did you stick your plastic over the black semi-circle just below the “blurams” logo?

I believe “disabling” motion detection only disables the notification element - so the doorbell is still picking up everything (and draining battery quicker)!

Here my test with the plastic cover. I started off with one layer then tested it and found it did reduce the notifications a good amount, but still needed more so I added a second layer- and so far so good. :slight_smile:

Reminds me I should neaten it up a bit!

I have the same problem so going to give the plastic cover a go as well. Will then need to find a nice way to attach the plastic so it looks nice. Have you @githubsteveb found a nicer way to attach?

I’ve cut the plastic a bit more neat now and used superglue to fix layers. But I think what I’m after is a darker plastic. That way it should blend in overall. Plus I’m still using bluetac between plastic and doorbell - so can still see the blobs :neutral_face:. But I’ll probably just superglue/hot glue once I’m happy with the darker plastic.