BMW i3 Charging Notifications will notify on completion, unplugged early before fully charged and when charging has started or is delayed due to off-peak power plan

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It’s been driving me crazy ever since I got this car that I couldn’t get notified of charging updates, finally I got around to Node Red and I was able to get it up and running. I don’t know what parts of the config text I need to change to keep my info safe so I’m sharing a screenshot only. Happy to help anyone with this same car create their own if needed.

Interested (for my 2017 bmw i3 rex)

Do you have the BMW component working? When you have it working you should have a bunch of new entities that look like the below screen shots (will be a different name I’m assuming because I’m not a REX). I can help you build yours if you’d like. I’ve been messing with mine trying to get it to have the option to send me updates every 5 minutes when I’m fast-charging otherwise send updates every 15 minutes when < 50% and also every 30 minutes when > 50% when I plug in, it’s probably over-kill but I’m bored.

Hey guys,

New here can anyone give me insight on how to set this up? I have a bmw i3 and would love to be notified when my car us fully charged.

I’d be happy to help you out. Do you have NodeRed up and running? That’s how I got mine setup.

necro-bump - would love to know how you were able to get this running. Have HA and Node Red installed.

Happy to help, it’s one of my most used items in my setup! I’ve kind of gone overboard on it in the last while though, let me know if this seems too crazy for you (see screenshot), I can help you build whatever you want though

New to Node Red, wouldn’t even know where to start with the chart. Would love some assistance if you can spare the time.

If you’re new let’s start simple for now, we’ll get you setup with notification when charging starts and stops is all for now. Do you have something you can use for notifications like iOS app or Pushover or something else? Do you have the i3 entities showing up in Home Assistant? When you go to the states panel and search i3 something like this shows up?

The entity we’re looking for is the one that says “charging_status” at the end, mine is called “sensor.i3_120_charging_status”

Fantastic, thanks for the help. I will check when I get home from work tonight.

I have a account I can use for notifications.

Found the states panel, I can see the binary_sensor.i3s_94_rex_charging_status state. Hopefully, I’m on the right track.

Look for one without “binary” in it. The one you’ve got there will work but only for basic, if you grab the other one it’ll give you more options in the future

sensor.i3s_94_rex_charging_status located.

That’s the one. Now you’ll want to connect that to a switch node. Inside the switch node you want 3 outputs:





I’m on my cell sorry not the best picture there.

Perfectly fine, 3 switches set up

Was setting up other notes with labels in the meantime (no values yet).

Do you know how to setup a call service node to send a message to yourself?


No, but I can look into the notification setup with on my own time later as they have guides as well. Bit of a learning curve here.