Bond Hub - Fireplace Flame Control

I’ve installed a Bond Hub to control, among other things, a Valor Fireplace. The Bond Hub firmware version is 2.28.0. Using the Bond Hub application I can control on/off and flame up/down functionality. I’ave added the Bond Hub to HA. I see the fireplace and can control on/off functions from HA. Unfortunately I’m not able to control flame up/down. I set up a script to adjust the flame down. When the script is executed, instead of the flame lowering, the fireplace turns off. The script is configured as a Device->Fireplace->Decrease Flame Brightness. Why is the fireplace turning off instead of lowering the flame?

EDIT: A little more information - I’ve just discovered that the Increase Flame Brightness function has no effect. The only functions that are working are on/off.

SOLUTION: Thanks to support from J. Nick Koston over on the Bond Hub forum, a solution has been developed [Bond Hub, Valor Fireplace and Home Assistant]. It will be added to a future release of HA.