Bosch 5000i air conditioning


I am planning to integrate Bosch 5000i air conditioning units with Home Assistant. The units are controlled via HomeCom Easy app ( Is there any integration with HA?


Yap, this would be interesting.

There is not only mobile app but also online version.

Most likely both are based on same cloud infrastructure.

I’ve tried contacting Bosch for possible integrations with HA/Google Home, but they didn’t answered. :frowning:

Hello Everyone,
I was looking for this same integration, but I did not find anything useful.
I did not understand from the previous answer if it is available or other add/on can be used to manage Bosch Climate 5000i/3000i.
Thanks in advance for any indication/suggestion

Would like to know this as well! Have been searching a lot how to integrate my Bosch Compress 8101i in Home Assistant. It is also controlled by the app “HomeCom”, and has bulit in WiFi.

Only found this: Bosch Thermostat

Almost a year passed. HomeCom App (6000i) is still very limited and bad in general, still no integration for HA right?


I need this. Ist there anything now?

I bought a bosch air conditioner and I realize that HomeCom app stuff and no home connect… I also ask to bosch but no answer yet
And warning to the next buyer, I also realized that the module used for the integration Wifi CL01 doesn’t work with Wifi ax (mesh)

Any progress with this? I will start investigating by my own

How I managed to have some control through HA:

Bosch AC units are currently produced by Midea in China, Bosch wifi modules says they are produced in Germany, which is wierd because this kind of software/hardware (EasyControl, BMW Bosch etc) is usually produced in portugal due close relationship with some of the best universities in this matter) but they’re so poorly designed that it almost doesn’t fit in its space, not german quality at all.

My guess is that wifi modules are also rebrands of midea so I got myself a infrared smart controller, with tuya app I quick configured as midea, created some scenes to sync with HA and I can now turn on/off, set mode and clone some IR features from the original controller.


Is there someone working on an integration or have created any ? I’ve got 3 units with this app and I’m planning on creating a custom integration by reverse engineering their internal API or other alternative. There will always have to be through cloud I guess, I don’t think their wifi controllers have any local accessibility.
If someone is working on it or is willing to work on it let me know


I need this as well for 6100i

I too would like to integrate the three splitters of the 5000i air conditioner, to be able to manage them when there are power overloads. Is there any hope of integration? BOSCH is deaf to requests…

I’m need this integration also.
Is anyone working on this?

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Do you use the Tuya Integration or LocalTuya from HACS?

Hi. I’m the author of
I know how it is possible to integrate with this air unit via Ethernet in the local network

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@HappyPath !

I also have the 3000i series, but the wifi dongle seems to be compatible with both 3000 and 5000 series

For those of you who are struggling with the integration and looking for a solution here is the solution or at least what I’ve done and it’s working perfectly, you can buy this or you can build it by yourselves using an ESP32 and adding a USB-A male, using this schematic

Connection USB A ESP32
- Black GND
TX White TX
RX Green RX
+ Red VCC/5v

Next step would be upload the ESPHOME code:

  name: climate-sala
  friendly_name: Climate Sala

  board: esp32dev
    type: arduino
# Enable Home Assistant API
    key: !secret api_key

  password: !secret ota

  ssid: !secret wifi_ssid
  password: !secret wifi_password

  baud_rate: 0

# UART settings for Midea dongle (required)
  tx_pin: 1         # hardware dependant
  rx_pin: 3         # hardware dependant
  baud_rate: 9600

# Main settings
  - platform: midea
    name: Sala         # Use a unique name.
    period: 1s                  # Optional
    timeout: 2s                 # Optional
    num_attempts: 3             # Optional
    autoconf: true              # Autoconfigure most options.
    beeper: false                # Beep on commands.
    visual:                     # Optional. Example of visual settings override.
      min_temperature: 17 °C    # min: 17
      max_temperature: 30 °C    # max: 30
      temperature_step: 1 °C  # min: 0.5
    supported_modes:            # Optional. All capabilities in this section may be detected by autoconf.
      - FAN_ONLY
      - HEAT_COOL
      - COOL
      - HEAT
      - DRY
    custom_fan_modes:           # Optional
      - SILENT
      - TURBO
    supported_presets:          # Optional. All capabilities in this section may be detected by autoconf.
      - ECO
      - BOOST
      - SLEEP
    custom_presets:             # Optional. All capabilities in this section may be detected by autoconf.
    supported_swing_modes:      # Optional
      - VERTICAL
      - BOTH
    outdoor_temperature:        # Optional. Outdoor temperature sensor (may display incorrect values after long inactivity).
      name: Temp

  - platform: template
    name: Climate Sala Beeper
    icon: mdi:volume-source
    restore_mode: 'RESTORE_DEFAULT_ON'
    optimistic: true

  - platform: status
    name: Climate Sala Connection Status
    id: climate_sala_connection_status

  - platform: template
    name: Uptime Human Readable
    id: uptime_human
    icon: mdi:clock-start

  - platform: version
    name: Climate Sala ESPHome Version
    id: climate_sala_esphome_version

  - platform: wifi_info
      name: Climate Sala IP Address
      id: climate_sala_ip_address
      icon: mdi:ip-network

  - platform: uptime
    name: Uptime Sensor
    id: uptime_sensor
    update_interval: 60s
        - text_sensor.template.publish:
            id: uptime_human
            state: !lambda |-
              int seconds = round(id(uptime_sensor).raw_state);
              int days = seconds / (24 * 3600);
              seconds = seconds % (24 * 3600);
              int hours = seconds / 3600;
              seconds = seconds % 3600;
              int minutes = seconds /  60;
              seconds = seconds % 60;
              return (
                (days ? to_string(days) + "d " : "") +
                (hours ? to_string(hours) + "h " : "") +
                (minutes ? to_string(minutes) + "m " : "") +
                (to_string(seconds) + "s")
  - platform: wifi_signal
    name: Climate Sala WiFi Signal
    id: climate_sala_wifi_signal
    update_interval: 60s

  - platform: restart
    name: Climate Sala Restart
    id: climate_sala_restart
    icon: "mdi:restart"
  - platform: shutdown
    name: Climate Sala Shutdown
    id: climate_sala_shutdown
  - platform: safe_mode
    name: Climate Sala Restart (Safe Mode)
    id: climate_sala_safe_mode

Once you have everything setup you should be able to plug it to the HVAC Bosch i5000 or i3000 ,and then connect to your home assistant instance to control it via ESPhome integration.

Hope this solves for you :slight_smile:


Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing this! I ordered one Wifi stick for testing purpose. If I manage to get it running, I will use your solution for my other i3000 units.

Used esp8266 to try this out, but unfortunally seems that my BOSCH CLIMATE 3000i W 53E is not supported. Response requests just timeouts.

Got it working by switching TX - RX.
Thanks a million for this!


That sounds awesome. Does this work with the 6000i too?