Bosch E-bike connect (BES3) smart system

Hi friends,

Is there any way to grab the e-bike data from Bosch Smart Connect E-bike?

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That’s an interesting question!

Would like to see it too, the data from the eBike Flow app.

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+1 to this! Just pre-ordered a new e-bike with the Bosch Smart System and would love to see support in HA.

I’d be happy to help test once my bike arrives. I can also help with technical writing in the interim.

I am also owner of a new eBike with the Smart Connect Module. Would love to see the data within HomeAssistant! :slight_smile: Something we can do to push the topic?

Anyone try to connect to it via esphome/Bluetooth proxy?

Please also vote for this one: Bosch eBike Flow App Integration (BES3)

It already has more votes nad it’s what I’ve found first at Google