Bosch Easy control integration wanted!

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some great thermostate control.Including per-room. You cannot only control the climate, but also use the sensors of this device!

There is a API now!


I program in python but I am new to home assistant and I don’t know where to start. If someone points me in the right direction, I could check on how to integrate the API…

Hey John,

That’s great. Programming is a step too far for me. I’m more of a advanced user, beta tester, promoter kind of person :slight_smile:

I’m great that you can! Here’s a link to de developer part!

With kind regards,

Mr. Y

Has anyone got anywhere with this? I’ve recently moved and really miss having an integrated thermostat.

I dunno. I placed my request here in the hope a developer sees it and thinks “hey good idea!”.
But I don’t know anyone from the developers, and am also not in the positition to pay anyone. So i’m also hoping someone will pick it up…

I had a quick play about with the API but it’s quite limited at the moment:

The Bosch Thermotechnology API is now available for tryout using a simulated device program on the Tryout API page. This API makes it possible to try functionality such as:

• Reading temperature values
• Changing set points
• Changing user mode
• Monitoring the heating system

Future API versions will offer this functionality for your own device and application calls as well.

Their dev tools do actually let you link up an EasyControl despite what the above says, and I was able to get / set basic info from my heating system.

However, the auth token is very short-lived (30-60 minutes) and there’s no (documented) way to refresh the token apart from through their web interface, so it’s not really usable yet.

I’m a developer and happy to have a go at writing an integration… I haven’t done any python before but I should be able to knock something together. But there’s no point in spending any time on it until Bosch release a usable version of the API.

I’ll keep an eye on it. If you notice any changes give me a shout.

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Hi, wow that’s somewhat great news. I had contact with an engineer from Bosch and he said they scheduled a big release this authumn. They want to “fix” things. Maybe they than also release the final API. Because on their website they say the next thing they want to release is the Alexa integration and more. To do that they need an API.
So keep 'n EYE on them :slight_smile: They say that here:

Hey @gimpje, how did you manage to link up your EasyControl? I managed to register my device, but I couldn’t figure out how to get a token to talk to the API?

Once you’re signed in and have registered your device go to the Tryout API tab and click Create Simulator. It asks for some permissions, click OK.

Then expand /gateways on the Tryout API page, scroll to the bottom of that section and click the Try it out! button.

If your device has been registered properly it will be in the response body:

    "deviceId": "sim100001",
    "deviceType": "rrc"
    "deviceId": "YOURDEVICEID",
    "deviceType": "rrc2"

The bearer token shown in the cURL example will work for calls to your device as well as the simulator. You just need to swap your device id in place of the simulator id.

Where it asks for zoneId you can use zn1 to zn20. There doesn’t appear to be a way to fetch a list of actual existing zones, or even the names of your zones, but if you request a non-existant zone you’ll get a 404.

Hope that helps :+1:

Fantastic @gimpje thank you so much

Keeping an eye on this thread!

Looks like the EasyControl is now supported on IFTTT.

Not perfect but it’s progress at least! Hopefully a proper integration will be possible this year :wink:

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Cool! But the shitty thing is that you have to expose homeassistant to the outside world to use the IFTTT integration :-S

By the way doesn’t it mean that the API is actuall now open since IFTT is active? Hope someone finally can make an integration for this one :slight_smile:

"Hi Guys,

I’m new at H.A. and I have the EasyControl from Bosch as controller for the condensing boiler in addition with with several thermostats on the radiator’s. However, I really really like to integrate this stuff into my H.A., at least read the temperature values of the rooms, status and pressure of the boiler…

Did anybody proceed trying out this API or IFTT?
Is somebody working on a custom component?
Is there anything available I can implement? Unfortunately I am not a programmer…

Thanks for help or ideas :wink:

I managed to get the basic ( read temperature , read target temperature ). Custom HACS at :

While this works , there are couple of limitation for the moment due to bosch API. You need a developer account and the auth_token is only valid while you are log on to Bosch website. So not much we can do until they allow full access to the API. Consider this a proof of concept for now.


Thank you for your work ,Zrzut ekranu 2020-10-10 o 19.30.17 for me after making all the settings it looks like this

@Norbert , make sure you have the token correct ( Bearer). First you need to register your device here:

Once the devices is register you can test if your bearer is correct . Click on GET gateways then down the line there is an authentication input.

I’ve left 2 debugs on , so you can see messages in http://homeassistant.local:8123/config/logs . Mostly if the url and if the temperature is correct. Worth checking that as well. I stress this is not production ready as the token will expire as soon as you log out of bosch website. They mention it will be fully operation ( the api) in the next release.

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