Bosch Solution 2000 / 3000 Alarm Integration

The Bosch Solution 2000 / 3000 with the B426-M is able to be linked/integrated with a Vera Hub. Would it be possible to implement a similar interface in Home Assistant?

Info here:


Did you manage to get this to work?

Also interested in this, Would be great to see this work

Not even sure how this would happen but would been keen to support this. Trying to read all the sensor values and use relays for arming via home assistant is not ideal.

Hi guys,
I’ve been looking around and haven’t found any way to integrate a standard install (even with the ip kit) of a Bosch solutions 2/3000 to HA but have an after market solution that would also work on any alarm.
Hoping for some thoughts.

My objective:
-keep the original Bosch alarm system and existing features.
-to arm and disarm through HA with code input and automatically via geo zones.
-have HA know the state of the alarm so to trigger automations.
-as cheap as possible
I’m not fussed about the states of sensors and doors but it can be done.

Konnected Alarm Panel INTERFACE Module

-made specifically for alarms (has resistor settings inbuilt),
-6 zone monitoring (arm/disarm, pirs and alarm states).
-comes with a relay that integrates (included) for arming and disarming via HA.

I looked at another Option:
SONOFF RE5V1C - 5V wifi inching/selflock relay module

I already have Ewelink set up on HA for my sonoff so this will integrate easily.
-no way of zone monitoring that I can see
-no way of arm/disarm monitoring that I can see

Just need to be able to change a zone to a key switch zone for arming and disarming (going to the relay) and a contact to open and close on the alarm panel to signal the arm/disarm state.

Take a look at this. You will need to use it with an Arduinoz

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I ended up modifying the example in this link to work with the bosch 3000
I have even designed a circuit board for it. Waiting for it to be delivered but it should give arm, disarm, state of each sensor and armed state. It does require changing one output on the 3000 board and not having zone doubling.

I think the examples posted previously would take away the original 3000 board functionality.

So I’ve decided to go with the Konnected option with a twist :rofl:

As mentioned the Konnected would do the monitoring of when in the alarm state.
I’ll change output 2 (Default = Fire Alarm With Verification) to
Event Code:
2,3 (Alarm When in AWAY Mode)
Output Polarity:
1 (Normally Open, Going Low)

The Konnected relay to DISArm only (hoping to have a pin code on HA to activate).
I’ll change any unused zone to
Zone type
11 (key switch)
Zone option 1:
10 (Momentary Disarm from AWAY Mode)

Then use the SONOFF RE5V1C - 5V wifi inching/selflock relay module to Arm with a button on HA that doesn’t require a pin.
I’ll change any unused zone to
Zone type
11 (key switch)
Zone option 1:
9 (Momentary Arm in AWAY Mode)

Reason I’ve gone with another relay for arming is so I can have a pin for arming and a standard button for arming. Or does HA already do that?

Planning on having a script that when arming it’ll turn off all the lights in 10 sec and close the roller shutters.

Nice solution.
But why do you say the above?

From what I see it runs in conjunction with the existing alarm keeping it all the same with the extra components added providing the extra features.

Skip to near the end showing it in action.

@Wolf_Jaw By bad I didn’t realise this was a new Konnected product. I was only familiar with the old system. This is a great off the shelf option wish i had seen this before I spent a month designing my own, whoops.

Also I plan on using the voltage from the siren as the trigger for the alarm going off

I am doing this also as a safety feature for Google home integration because if you use the same momentary switch you can ask it to arm the alarm and it will trigger the same relay and can therefore disarm it

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Can i suggest using the voltage from the strobe instead? The strobe output gives a steady 12v from the moment the ‘alarming’ state is triggered until the system is disarmed. The siren/horn output on the other hand does some funny stuff with the horn driver for the speaker (which is why you can only have your outdoor siren on output 1, because thats where the speaker driver circuitry is) and it also turns off after a few minutes when the siren times out, unlike the strobe.

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Great advice @mikeycv , thanks for the tip. Will definitely use that instead then.

Did you use the konnected integration to bring in this information? I have all the sensors and arm/disarm relays an armed state sensors into HA but not sure of the best way to tie all this into HA. The manual arm integration uses HA to do the logic which I don’t want/need. Just want it to mirror the physical alarm. If anyone has any tips?

Edit figured out i need to use alarm template. Cheers

How did the circuit board you designed for the solution 3000 work out?

Sorry for the slow reply. It works a treat. Have created a template alarm in HA as well so now i can arm and disarm and know the sate of the physical alarm. I’ve been playing around with different automation for the motion sensors also. I ended up using the voltage from output 4 which is just a direct relay when the alarm goes off as you said, much better then using the external siren output

Interested to know if there is any simple integration with HA yet? Any one knows if there is a plan?

I ended up going with the Konnected option (Konnected Alarm Panel INTERFACE Module + Konnected Alarm Panel + Relay) to integrate it to HA and disarm.

Then a sonoff RE5V1C to arm.

Works a treat :ok_hand:


Are you able to share photos or more details of how you wired everything up? Especially how to get the alarm arming status in/out of the Bosch unit?

I integrated my parents bosch alarm with the konnected gen2 interface kit. No issues using the stock bosch keypad or arm/disarm feature on HA. In terms of wiring nates video is good, If you like to see it neatly wired to a 3000 panel let me know and I upload some pics. and you can get 10% using