Bosch Solution 2000 / 3000 Alarm Integration

Thanks! I watched his video, but I’m interested in how people have handled the wiring for the arm/disarm status being passed back and forth - how did you wire that up?

I’ve ordered the kit for 6 zones, but have a total of 5 PIRs. Not sure if the single spare is going to be enough for arming control/status?

I’ve taken a further look. My Solution 2000 only has connectors for 4 zones, so to achieve what I want I think I’ll need to wire the output of the Konnected interface module for the PIRs to just 2 zones (ie, tie multiple PIRs together into a single connector), and use the remaining 2 as keyswitches.

Anyone else had this issue? The solution 2000 is advertised as 8/16 zones - this board has solder pads for zones 5+ but not actual terminals.

The 2000 can do up to 8 zones, the way this is done with only 4 terminals is using 3k3 and 6k8 resistors. From memory zone1-4 use 3.3k at pir and 5-8 use 6.8k at pir. e.g Z4 and Z8 connect into Z4 and you are using different resistors at pirs. The 2000 and 3000 boards are the same, 3000 can do 16zones and comes with those extra terminals. I don’t remember exactly how I did their place with the siren/strobe as its been a long time, I’ll get my old man to open the panel tomorrow and send me a few pics.

Ahha! That’s what I’ve been missing.

I assume I can then adjust the resistance on the Konnected interface board such that I can wire “Z1” to “Zone 1” and “Zone 5” on the interface board, and adjust zone 5’s resistance.

I also assume there’s going to be a clean way to handle wiring the resistor on the relay’s output to fake being a keyswitch.

Yes can be adjusted via a small tool they provide. I bought a Bosch 6000 enclosure, mounted 3000pan with Bosch IP module + battery and then added konnected. Reason for this is because 3000 couldn’t fit this all nicely. In terms of clean wiring I used Dupont Cables, male ends into interface board and cut custom lengths then twisted the ends with z1 cable and into terminals for a good connection.

For an easy neat install, put the enclosure and board on a table and create Dupont connections, then mount enclosure back on wall and connect alarm cables. I kept the Bosch IP as a back way of accessing on phone in case of HA error. I’ll wait till I get pics from parents to confirm exactly how I did the siren output. Hope that helps Nik.

Thanks for the tips!

I read this thread, and decided to get a Bosch B426M, it integrated with my Vera (it’s actually Environexus but uses the Vera controller, just rebranded) and I can control the security via the website only, not the app. as it’s only really an indicator, not a controller…

I want a toggle switch so that you can easily arm or disarm from Vera.

When you add Vera to Home assistant, it doesn’t pick up the device either.

Hi Nik,
Sorry to revive an oldish post… I’m thinking of buying a Konnected Pro board to "overlay’ over my existing Bosch 2000 alarm system to give it smart capability, and also in a hope to use the alarm PIR sensors to trigger HA routines. The Bosch 2000 is almost identical to the 3000. It is an 8 Zone alarm, but only has four physical Zone connections on the board - it uses 1 physical Zone connection to monitor two Zone sensors. I’m a little nervous about dropping US$200 on an interface board that might not properly intergrate with my alarm.

Based on your previous post, it seems you’ve successfully managed to use a Konnected integration board to make the Bosch 3000 interact with HA. Can I just confirm whether the Konnected integration board can actually independently monitor two different zone sensors that are connected to the same physical Zone connector on the Bosch board (eg. Z1 and Z5, or Z4 and Z8)? Also, have you tried using the alarm sensors to trigger actions in HA, for example turning room lights on when motion is detected?

Thanks in advance,

I’m also sorry for reviving this old thread, but how does one arm/disarm the Bosche system with a sonoff inching/self lock module? I thought it could only be armed with the Bosche keypad?

Hi mate,
Yes this can be done. the zone type you’ll be programming is “11” (key switch).
The idea is that you’d use a key to turn on or off essentially a switch. No code needed as the key would be the principle of a unique code.
All the panel sees is open and closed. in the end of the day if you bridge the 2 terminals with a cable (and resistor) at the board or a switch/key switch it’s all the same.
The module does this and I have this in my panel.

For inching you would have to change the zone options 1 to “8”

Ahh excellent! That’s simple then. I had a read of the manual, and all you need to do is program Zone 1 as a key switch input with option 8, then the system should arm/disarm based on a momentary short of pins Z1/COM with a resistor in series with Z1?

So in other words, if you connect the dry contacts of a relay to these pins and pulse the relay coil (such that the contacts close momentarily), the system should arm / disarm? (I guess this is what an inching relay actually does heh)

I see there are some programmable outputs on the board too. Do you know if you can get an output which changes state if the alarm is armed or disarmed?

Yep that’s exactly right :+1: I fail to see a difference between inching and momentary In this case.

I’ve done this and connected it to my Konnected board to notify HA if my garage is armed. I’ve partitioned my alarm so it’s like it’s 2 alarms, 1 for the house and the other for the garage. they work independently and are called zone # area. So my house is zone 1 area and the garage is zone 2 area. If you you haven’t selected any Zone inputs (like your sensors, keyswitch etc) to a zone area # then it’ll be the defult zone area 1.

Choose a free output or 1 you’re wiling to go without. I used output 2 as I haven’t got a smoke detector/fire integrated with the alarm.
So on the output programing you would change the 1st event code from 2 to 5 and the 2nd event code from 7 to 6.
So that output would close when (Zone) Area 1 is armed.

What are you planning on connecting the output to?

I took a look at that lua code, and managed to put this together which is able to pull in the info from each sensor and the arm/disarm status. It’s not 100% perfect but it does enough for what i need

I didn’t really feel like getting a konnected board just to make it work so i wrote my own integration


You’ve got me excited.
Going to check this out asap!!

Can’t believe you were able to do this I gave up and designed my own circuit board to be able to read the sensor states and alarm state with relays to control the arm/disarm. Can’t wait to give this a try.

Just fixed up the repo so it works with HACS now
i don’t have any doors or outputs configured but hopefully they work

This is awesome news. I might purchase a Solution 3000 and play around with this. Been holding off on upgrading my Solution 880.

This prompted me to contact Bosch support to see if they can provide some assistance with an official Bosch / Home Assistant integration as they did for Vera.

I was told that they are in the process of writing a new firmware with a protocol designed specifically for home automation, as the “Mode 2” protocol that we are using now isn’t really designed for it

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I’m just about to try it out, but you’ve made my day :slight_smile:

Are you able to share your dashboard code, i’m keen to see how you’ve set it up