Botslab Indoor Security Camera

HI there.
Im have sucess with almost all of my cameras/smartdoorbell , this is the only exception.
I could even find an API, or any way to acess without the botslab app.
I see that IFTTT have a partial integration, but I couldnt find how its operate (ou the link to an API), but I could see that the hardware is shared with a lots of other cheaps indoor camera. SoC Ingenic T21N, the brand name its “Konnek Stein Surveillance Camera 1080p HD Indoor” and “Cube F23” (but I also couldnt find any other refereces).
I have tried others apps from others cameras that I guess it was kind of similar, to them find a way to work the way to it via web or api, … no sucess whatsoever.
I also tried to scan the connnections from and to this camera via wireshark, but only when I was acessing it via app on my cellphone, I could see a IP connectin to the camera in very high ports, thats became closed imediatly after I close the app.
IF anywaone have any information or hint I will be glad to assist (or try my way trought it) and of course, if I could find the way I intent to publish it here (or in githut to install via HACs or something).
Thanks in advance any kind of information about this camera.