Brand new clean install problems

I have been struggling all day with a problem where many of the links in the GUI on hassio don’t work. The main culprits are the side menu option and the Developer tools.

I decided to create a completely fresh install on a separate SD in a different Pi on a different ip address and for good measure closed all ports on my router so that everything should appear as if I was starting from scratch. I then added Samba.


  • Clicking on gives the menu and lands on the Dashboard tab as expected
  • Clicking the Samba share ‘card’ gives just the blue line across the top of the screen, until…
  • I refresh the page and it gives me the add-on details page.
  • Clicking the SNAPSHOTS, ADD-ON STORE or SYSTEM tabs straight away gives the expected results but…
  • If I go back to Overview and then back to, selecting any tab just leaves me with the tab titles and the one I selected underlined until…
  • I refresh the page and everything shows as it should.
  • I have the following messages in log:

ERROR (MainThread) [frontend.js.latest.201803100] Unable to get property ‘root’ of undefined or null reference

ERROR (MainThread) [frontend.js.latest.201803100] Unable to get property ‘root’ of undefined or null reference

  • Samba shares do not show up on my network scanner but are available in Windows via their path (the shares did show up on my original HA installation before this problem)

The only thing I can add is that I was messing about with Configurator on my original installation (different hardware and IP etc.) which I thought might have been the source of my problem (Previous post) but given the cleanness of the new install I can’t see how that could be!

I think that is all the diagnostic info I can give except to reiterate that this is a clean install on all new hardware.
I have tried using Edge, Edge with the cache cleared, Edge In Private and IE11 all with the same results.

And none of this was happening yesterday.

Anyone have nay ideas?