Weird secrets.yaml behaviour

Today has not been a good day for me and HA (see: Post 1 and Post 2)

And now I have a situation where my configuaration.yaml file has lost its line:
secret: !include secrets.yaml

and yet all my ‘secrets’ appear to be being read correctly. In fact if I put the line back in I get a config error:
- Component not found: secret

I’m tearing my hair out and even sadly considering returning to OpenHAB which whilst a lot harder to get to grips with, never really seems to fail entirely.

I think your bad day has confused you a bit, you do not need to include that line in your configuration and never have :+1:

You don’t? I am sure I read somewhere I did!
Thank you :+1:

Now how about a solution that simple for my much more pressing issue!
Pretty please :thinking:

Definitely not :sunglasses:

No idea about hassio tbh, don’t use it.

No worries, thanks for the secrets info though…