Brand with WIFI interface for Home Assistant?

Hi all,
after made some research in the forum i still don’t have a clear opinion about this.
Does exist today for EU market an air conditioning manufacturer with a WIFI interface for home assistant as a “simple” integration?
Looking on this forum i found many discussions and i found some tricky solutions, but none standard and\or without issue by some users.
In the next weeks i will have to buy the air conditioning system for my new house and i’m free to choose whetever i want and i’d like to choose something easy to integrate with HA, but i didnt found easy solution.
I got some prices about Hisense Hi Comfort with integrated WIFI, i asked the WIFI module name to Hisense and they say it could be AEH-W4G1\G2\GX\GE that are not the ones listed in the HA integration for Hisense - AEH-W4A1\E1.
I also see the integration for GREE climate, but i have to check if the actual model are still compatible with HA.
What i’d like to avoid is to use Broadlink solution, unless it is the only stable and working solution.
Can someone advise me about 1+ brand\model that actually works fine via WIFI?
I really appreciate every advice on this, maybe this could be also usefull for other user in my situation.
Thanks all,

That’s a tricky question. :slight_smile:

Maybe you should start from a different angle. :wink: Is it important for you, to have local control? I don’t know of any manufacturer, that offers a true local control for A/Cs.

In my case, I have a Midea (branded with something else) A/C unit, and it was working ok with the Wifi dongle they sell, but it was not local. No internet - no control over my A/C with HA, only with the old IR remote.

That’s why I chose the ESPHome approach, and this is working great for over a year now. No hassle with connections outside my home, HA has full control over the unit, it is really a great solution. The team and people behind that integration in ESPHome are doing an amazing job (@Dudanov :wave:), and I have all I ever wanted for my A/C.

And the Midea units are good. Midea is one of the three biggest manufacturers of A/Cs in all kinds of flavors. I like them! :slight_smile:

And nowadays you can directly buy a configured and specially made (own PCB print from the project) dongle from three or four different sellers (you can find them on the project page via ESPHome). I have made one myself with an ESP32 (not sure, but I think it was a 32 not 8266) and it fits perfectly into the unit, you don’t even see it from the outside, it uses the space that’s normally taken by the manufacturers Wifi dongle.

So if you ask me, I’d always chose the local first approach and use the ESPHome Media component.

Just to give you an alternative to your thoughts. :slight_smile:

Hi Patrick,
thank you for share your opinion. Based on your messagge i made some research. I like a lot ESPHome and i planned to use a bounch of them to manage rollershutter, fingerprint, read some input and write some output, but about clima was not an option. as I understand it the option you speak about is with the USB doongle connect to and manage by an ESP with ESPHome via WIFI. That’s a perfect solution, but this works only with the model you collect in the list here ?
And, the only way to increase the models\brands available is the broadlink solution via IR ?
Mmm in 2022 no standard solution for a clima system it’s really nonsense.
Thank you very much for the infos,