Brematic/Intertechno 433Mhz Gateways

Hi guys!

I have a Brennenstuhl Brematic 433Mhz gateway (similar to the intertechno gateway), which was my first step into home automation. I have a couple of light switches I use it with. I would love to be able ot integrate it into Home Assistant.

Unfortunately, the only simple way to control the gateway is with a phone app (SteckerPro oder PowerSwitch). There is no direct interface. There are bash/php/python scripts flying around the internet, but I have been unable to make them work on my machine.

It feels like it shouldn’t be that difficult to make this work. Either as a component or with the help of some script or webhook. Has anyone maybe already tried this or found a way to control the gateway with HA?


As a temporary workaround to not having to rely only on the phone app you might find use in Homegear, which has support for Intertechno. I can’t say anything more since I have never used Intertechno devices. But it still might be worth a look.
And with A LOT of luck you might be able to use the HomeMatic component. It can use Homegear with HomeMatic devices. Maybe Homegear exposes Intertechno devices in a compatible way. They won’t work directly. But if they are accessible via the XML-RPC API of Homegear, then this could be a starting point. If they are available via the API, then we could add support in pyhomematic.

Hi @danielperna84,

thanks for you reply. I will look into this, but this feels a little bit too complicated for me.

There are scripts that claim to control the gateway by simply sending UDP requests with the raw code of the switch you want to control. Here are some links, if anyone’s interested. I just haven’t been able to make them work.
(the one above is in German unfortunately)


You could also remove your off the shelves gateway and replace it with a DIY HA compatible one.
RCSwitch library seems to support intertechno, by the way all the gateways based on RCSwitch should work with your sensors.

Hello @1technophile

thanks for your reply. I could and I do have a 433Mhz module on the HA Raspberry Pi, but the range is too short to reach all my switches. An antenna would probably help, but I have never soldered anything and I do not own a soldering iron. That’s when I though of the old gateway.

The beauty of Home Assistant is, that it is relatively easy to set up and control. I figured it might help others to find a simple solution to integrate these cheap and simple devices into HA. I’m probably not the only one that owns one of these.

Hey there :slight_smile: I recently created a little python module for the brematic gateway and probably will create a home-assistant module as soon as I am able to try it out myself. I will post further updates to this thread.

EDIT 10.02.2019: I totally forgot to add the github repo:, sadly I don’t have enough time to give proper support. PRs are welcome though.

Are there any news on this? I am also very interested in integrate the Brematic / intertechno Gateway into Home Assistant. The Intertechno components are very reliable and cheap. So you can boost up your home automation network for less money.

You can try out my take on this.

The library to generate codes:

and the Hass custom component:

The component is currently pretty basic, but it should work. If not please use GitHub issues and PRs.

Hey d-Rickyy-b,

I’ve recently come back to this. do you mind sharing the Python module you created?

Sure :slight_smile: this is my repo link:

Hey guys,

I’ve created a custom component which uses the pyBrematic package created by @d-Rickyy-b. I had it running a couple of weeks now with my Brennenstuhl gateway and it worked pretty well. So I decided to publish it on GitHub now. So feel free to check it out:

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Nice custom component you built! I would love to support more devices with my library, but sadly I can’t find enough time recently. But the brematic devices should work fine.

Homewizard has a complete local API.

Thanks, that works really great with my old Connair.
Any idea how I can have those plugs then also available as devices in Home Assistant that I can for example use in automations?

And do you see any chance to also extend this to a NanoCUL that is directly attached to the Raspberry you that also hosts HA? That is the setup I was previously using with FHEM and why I had put the connair away.

Hello, I am having a bit of difficulty setting the device up. I was able to manually add it to my HA interface but I do not see brematic listed anywhere.

It is unclear to me how I can add my switches either.