Brilliant Light Switch control (Brand name, not just a compliment)

My searching came up blank. Has anyone integrated these into HA yet? I would love to borrow code!
Brilliant Switch Control (the name is Brilliant, i am not just complimenting it)

Since it works with Smart Things, I imagine it can work with HA.

They are not listed in Components -

I’ve taken a quick look over their ahem docs. Bit thin. If I had to guess it looks like Zigbee judging by the list of vendors that they like.

For me: avoid. Unless they dive in and directly add support to HA then there is a good chance that you will not get this working. There are plenty of other choices.

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What I like most about it, is that it combines an automatic light control, and video conf/intercom between rooms. If you have any products to recommend that do a similar function, I would enjoy the recommendations!

pi zero and a camera and a touch screen?

Those Brilliant brand devices do look good though!

You want them to know about and work with us? So ask them.


[email protected]

The more they hear of us, the more they might consider us working with

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They got a survey to fill as well.

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Let’s all go there, but to ensure there’s no confusion with a google product, we should use the same name.

I’m using “ (not the google product)” as the name when I select “Other”.

That product is google assistant, not home assistant.

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I agree, if you’re a detailed person and you’re aware of both.

When I’ve spoken to people who know about Google’s offering, and don’t know about Home Assistant, they assume I’m talking about Google Assistant.

For this reason, I suggest making it clear both by using the URL of the service, and if the person tallying up the results still assumes is Google, I’ve basically added “Not Google”.

This concern is based also on asking people recommendations online about whether things work with Home Assistant. Of course, they answer in terms of Google. … so this redundant clarification is really based on what I’ve seen repeatedly.

CAVEAT: I work at a company that makes popular consumer products, where many people know the industry, and even there, the assumption is silently made that I’m talking about Google’s offering.

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I reached out to Brilliant support today to ask if HA integration is on their roadmap and they asked “What is Home Assistant?” Sooooo… I take that as a “no” :roll_eyes:

They recommended to fill out their new suggestion form here:

Select “Other” and in the box, put in the URL:

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Brilliant plugs (from Bunnings etc) use the Tuya component that works in HA already, or can be flashed with Tasmota and used via MQTT.

Hey Jason,

I there must be another “Brilliant” brand out there…

This thread is referring to the touchscreen control panels that replace standard light switches: . They currently support SmartThings hubs but not HA, yet.

Hahahah, OK gotcha! I must admit I didn’t really read the whole thread, I just saw Brilliant Light Switch in the title.

There is a brand of switches in Australia that also use the name Brilliant. Teach me not to read properly :slight_smile:

Tempted-- if someone does try to reverse engineer any of it, or integrate it in any decent way, please speak up. :slight_smile:

@PoorMattie Got two, doing that now…


That would be excellent-- looking forward to hearing your findings @stugots – in the meantime I’ve been pestering the company on social media to put together their own support/docs :slight_smile:

@poormattie They couldn’t be harder to work with and get information from. I was looking at the switches to use for some integrations and even with the deal I got I was ready to send them back… they are just marketing money, not a product… so it seems. My engineers got to keep playing with them since I feel like a refund is not coming.


I just found this one - . They look similar to brilliant switches but I think developers are more open to integration.

I actually met a brilliant rep at CES this week and told him what home assistant was, showed him the site, and he wrote down the URL. I figured there would be people wanting to integrate it. He thanked me and said he would check it out.

Probably was just a courtesy on his part but we’ll see what happens.


Can you share his contact info? I’m currently not-buying Brilliant, but I’d like to, if there was something open and available.

HomeConnect seems to be a REST api; there’s also the threads thing that google is doing? (Grpc-over-udp or such?) … there are open options that don’t need to be HA-specific but can move them forward in general.