Brilliant Light Switch control (Brand name, not just a compliment)

I know it’s been a few months, and I have a project coming up that will incorporate the touchscreens, and since there seems to be failure to launch on Wink Relay and BrightSwitch this is the only real option without going wall mounted tablets. Just wondered if anyone had heard any updates. I don’t recommend Sonos to customers, and prefer Musicast, but my suggestions have so far gone unnoticed.

Hi. Could you give more specifics on your project?
I am assuming by “touchscreens” you mean the Brilliant Light Switches (since that is the topic of this thread)?
Are you talking about a project that would integrate them with HA or some other system?
Is this a project that you will be able to share with the community or is it something proprietary?


Pretty much the reply you would expect, but figured I would share anyway.

Tymon (Brilliant)

Mar 9, 12:37 PM PDT

Hi *****,

My name is Tymon and I am part of the Customer Support team here at Brilliant. Thank you for reaching out to us.

Great question! At this time, we do not have integration with either of them. However, we can pass this information over to our product team as a suggestion.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions or suggestions.


Brilliant Customer Support

Mar 9, 8:08 AM PDT

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Do brilliant products integrate with other home automation platforms like hubitat or home assistant?

Clearly we all need to each ask.

I just noticed all of my brilliant light switches have been updated with HomeKit support and have been able to pair them in home assistant!

Look under integrations and you should automatically see your brilliant switches. In the Works with Brilliant in options on the device there’s a new HomeKit integration where you can get the pairing code.


So looks like these Brilliant engineers probably are mostly interested in mainstream hubs (google, alexa, homekit, etc). Knowing little about developing such products, I am guessing it is better for them to stay that course and focus on the bigger markets.

Still, I would love to see a product like this meant for full local control. I imagine it would be complex and require some sort of gui config tool and way to flash firmware on it for that to work. Lots of things required to make a product like Brilliant controllers that dovetail well with HA zwave (or esphome is good too), but they would sell out for $300-400 easy. I guess I’ll keep my plans of adding wall mounted tablets, since that is at least possible for now.

I was able to set mine up with HomeKit. I wiped the device, chose homekit during setup, then copied the code on the front of the unit. and now I can control my light.


When asked by HomeAssistant for a XXX-XX-XXX format, i typed in this code, eg. 123-45-678.

It works.

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can you send a couple pics of what you have going on the screen? With HomeKit can you just control the switches? Everything on the screen is independent of HA correct?

The first picture is on-device. The second are in HomeAssistant.

Wipe your device and re-setup. Choose homekit. Then Home Assistant will detect a HomeKit controller. Set it up from Home Assistant with the number shown on the screen of the device.

sorry meant of what the screen looks like on the Brilliant after you set it up? Also do those light switches support double tap or anything?

Just like normal. No changes. It does everything it always does. I have my own pictures on there so I’m not showing you :