Brilliant Smart PIR Sensor not appearing in HA Tuya integration

I have this device from Brilliant Smart

It works perfectly in Tuya Smart, but doesnt appear with all my other Tuya devices in Home Assistant, is this class not supported in the Tuya integration?

The supported device types are listed at the top of the integration documentation.

Search the forum. There are some workarounds for using Tuya sensors with homeassistant.

I am also looking at options to integrate these sensors with home assistant.
No success so far but i can confirm the internal components WiFi module Tuya WR3, MCU nuvoTon N76E003AT20

Yep. same components as the Brilliant Smart PIR security light. I will take them back to Bunnings.

So what is the recommended outdoor-rated 240V ESP-Based PIR sensor that we can flash to ESPHome?

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Has there been any update on this? has anyone been able to flash the brilliant pir motion sensor?

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So far, I am finding it hard to find any outdoor 240V PIR sensors that will work with HA, this would have been a great device, since it alledgedly also reports the Lux. Personally, doesn’t have to be ESP8266/32 for me though…

Diving a little deeper, I do note that z-wave and zigbee PIR sensors regularly advertise to run for 2yrs on a single CR123A battery. WiFi takes a lot more power, Shelly’s (indoor) PIR sensor manages a year with two very beefy, what looks like 18650 batteries. I would still prefer a “real” power line (also better theft prevention!), but beggers can’t be choosers, when there is not a lot of choice on the market. After a few hours of searching I found these closest candidates (not 100% sure on HA-compatibility):

  • Philio PSP-05, Z-Wave Plus, IP43 (absolute bare minimum), 2yrs@CR123A
    Magnetic mount € 50-70. No lux reporting, motion only.

  • Philips Hue outdoor motion sensor, Zigbee, IP54, unknown battery life (penlite)
    Around €50. No lux reporting, motion only.

  • Zooz ZSE29, Z-Wave, IP44 (altough looking at photo’s, not sure how this can be IP44), 1yr@3xAAA or powered by USB. Works with HA, and reports Lux (firmware v2 and up), great! But only available in the US 908.42 MHz frequency. Around $35.

  • Steinel IS 140-2 Outdoor motion sensor, Z-Wave plus, IP54, hardwired 240VAC input.
    Nice bonus is that this device always works, regardless of a Z-Wave connection, or not.
    Compatible with HA, and reports lux (I think; question submitted to manufacturer). Around € 90.
    Red flags: Lots of users are, up to recently, reporting issues with this device. Steinel is also not producing it anymore. Probably avoid. Steinel IS 140-2 Zwave

In the meantime I have been experimenting on a Tuya device (a LSC lamp from the discount store), which I was able to add to HA, and use it locally without Tuya cloud. This did require some Python digging and a Tuya IOT-developer account, and may not be suitable for everyone. This said, there’s no guarantee that the (Tuya) PIR sensor of OP would actually work too. Also found that the device cannot be purchased outside of Australia, unless someone sends me one to test :wink: , it remains an unknown for now.

I spend quite a few hours researching this, but there may still be other options. Today is october 2023, if you read this in the future, other options may be available. I would probably buy the Zooz, if I could find the bloody thing for sale here in the Netherlands, and/or if I could get it in the European frequency.

So. I recon have to customize a good waterproof dumb PIR sensor, with enough space inside, and add like a Shelly 1PM mini, or even a 240-5V converter + ESP-board with EPShome to the same effect. A bit more hassle, but this route you can add all of the additional sensors you’re interested in (lux, humidity, temperature, etc.)…

Some insights:

  • You may also considered mmWave radar, but note that this is very sensitive, and more useful for presence detection.
  • You might consider camera’s with detection software, but these may be less sensitive at night. Would make a good combo with PIR though!

Useful reading: