Broadlink IR Climate Component

But what are the keys needed for AC unit?

This looks pretty awesome. Just wondering how to help with the codes file for LG aircons.

Also, can we use the RF fan component for IR fans? EDIT: Yes, we can. Maybe you can rename it to IR/RF since it works for both. I see support for oscillation might be coming soon too :+1:

The media player component works great too. Using it to control my AV receiver.

Thanks for releasing this for everyone to try out! Can you please explain what the timeout parameter does? Can it be used as a delay between turn_on and select_source?

What I don’t get is how to generate temp+fanmode codes. My AC has fan modes separate from temperature setting.

EDIT: I’ve made some headway. So the e-control dump script doesn’t do AC codes apparently ( ), but someone has managed to hack together a script to do it ( ).

I’m not exactly sure how to run it, but I’ve got my ac codes from the broadlink server. @Vassilis can you help a brother out? :slight_smile: PS. Maybe update thread title with fan and media_player too?

Temp Range: 13 (18-30 C)
Modes: 5 (Auto, Cool, Dry, Fan and Heat)
Fan Speed: 4 (Auto*, Low, Medium, High)

EDIT 2: Manually taught the codes for COOL operation (39 codes in total) of my LG AC. Took me around 10 minutes. Uploaded to the git

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any body let me know where to put custom component file
i am getting error
[homeassistant.loader] Unable to find component media_player.broadlink

please let me know

Please make a folder with name “custom_components” into your .homeassistant folder.
Make another folder with name “climate” into custom_components folder.
Put inside “climate” folder and restart Home Assistant.

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In order to make my INI files, I was set up a broadlink switch and I used the learn service. Took me long time too.

Yes. idle and off is the same command. Home kit sends idle instead of off command

thanks for reply
but my problem solved by putting files
according to their fold if folder not exist make new one.
i just used just for samsung tv
problem if it always start with off state.

Thanks. I don’t use homekit so I guess it doesn’t matter if I use idle or stop command.

Hi, does this work with using HASSIO instead? How would I be able to add your addon as a third party repository in HASSIO?

Hi, this is not a third party addon. Please add it as a custom component.
Thank you

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Thanks! Got it working! And it is very impressive! Many thanks

They’ve fixed this in latest homebridge-homeassistant bridge.

Would it be possible to have those component for xiaomi it booster? I exchanged braodlink

Brilliant, just what I’ve been looking for. Even the Daikin ini file is compatible with my model of AC as far as I can tell. Thank you!

Thanks for your input, I too have a LG AC and I’ll be trying out your codes. So you’ve only done the cooling so far, any plans to do the heating? :slight_smile:

Thanks for trying this component.
Actually, those LG codes are a merge from another user.
I’m afraid you must build your INI file.

Thanks Vassilis, I will start building my own INI.

So I have loaded the custom component, is there a manual control I can add to my front page?

Hi Vassilis,

I’ve now created a full LG INI here:


  • platform: broadlink
    name: LG
    host: 192.168.x.x
    mac: ‘BB:BB:BB:BB:BB:BB’
    ircodes_ini: ‘broadlink_climate_codes/lg_all.ini’
    min_temp: 18
    max_temp: 30
    target_temp: 26
    temp_sensor: sensor.living_room_temperature
    default_operation: idle
    default_fan_mode: low
    - idle
    - cool
    - heat
    - auto
    - low
    - mid
    - high
    - auto
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Can I upload your INI file in github repo?
What is your LG model?
Thank you