Broadlink IR Climate Component


How do you combine the thermostat card and those glance card icons into the one card?


I using this:


Hi gurbina93

Can you please share your Ac fan code?



where i should i copy the file ?


Will share it later today, as I am currently making some changes.
I have a few of dumb air conditioners so with thermostat I modify the temperature (I do not turn it on or off) and with a switch I turn it on or off. I am renting and the aircon is hardwired so I cannot get a plug to measure the power_load. Also sometimes Broadlink IR doesn’t actually turn on my aircon I lose track of the “power state” of my aircon.

Now I got some Xiaomi Door sensors which get updated almost instantly, so I am just planning to put them on the aircon louver, if it is open I now it is running. So create template switches which use Broadlink IR codes, and the power state to be retrieved by the Xiaomi Door sensors.


Dear all,
I’ve just added component climate broadlink into my configuration.yaml
However, upon checking config, it comes result

> Configuration invalidCHECK CONFIG
> Platform not found: climate.broadlink

Can anyone tell me reasons and how to solve it?
Many thanks


can you please show your config?

it should be something like this:

  - platform: broadlink


Thank you
Here’s mine

> climate:
>   - platform: broadlink
>     name: aacccomedor
>     host:
>     mac: 'B4:43:0D:A1:36:D9'
>     ircodes_ini: 'broadlink_climate_codes/fujitsu.ini'
>     min_temp: 16
>     max_temp: 30
>     target_temp: 20
>     target_temp_step: 1
>     temp_sensor: sensor.temperature_158d0001b1c847
>     default_operation: 'off'
>     default_fan_mode: mid
>     customize:
>       operations:
>         - 'off'
>         - cool
>         - heat
>       fan_modes:
>         - low
>         - mid
>         - high
>         - auto


do you have the python file saved in the correct location? I noticed that your ini file isnt nested inside the custom_components folder in the above config. Here is my full config below.

  - platform: broadlink
    name: Air Con
    host: 192.168.0.xx
    mac: '78:0F:xx:xx:xx:xx'
    ircodes_ini: 'custom_components/climate/broadlink_climate_codes/fujitsu.ini'
    min_temp: 16
    max_temp: 29
    target_temp: 24
    target_temp_step: 1
    temp_sensor: sensor.lounge_multisensor_temperature
    default_operation: 'off'
    default_fan_mode: auto
        - 'off'
        - cool
        - heat
        - low
        - mid
        - high
        - auto


Oh my God,
I don’t know how top do this.
I just clone the codes from GitHub and extract into the share folder in hassio share
Like this: \HASSIO\share

Am I wrong? And how to correct it?
Thank you


you need to put the file in /config/custom_components/climate/

the fujitsu.ini file needs to go in /config/custom_components/climate/broadlink_climate_codes


Dear sparkydave,
It seems no help for me
Can you check the screen shots of my configuration.yaml and destinations
of and ini files to see if they are correct?

Thank you


try changing the ‘C’ in Climate to lowercase: climate in your folder name


Dear sparkydave,
After all, It’s all done! Just a “capped letter” can lead to failure!
Thank you


no worries, happy to help


You were right. (forgot to answer sorry)

For anyone experiencing problems, check in your code :

 - every element under operations exists and is written same in the ir .ini
 - every element under fan_modes exists and is written the same in the ir .ini
 - the ir codes work correctly
 - also double check the yaml.

Thank everybody for the help @erika.mason24 and @tmarquespt


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Dear Vassilis
Many thanks for your shares codes.
I tried your codes and successfully integrate my dump AC into hass. However, for the FAN and the Media Player, they do not show on my front-end. I do not know what happen with them
Below are the codes on configuration.yalm

  - platform: broadlink
    name: Living Room Fan
    mac: 'B4:43:0D:A8:26:D9'
    rfcodes_ini: 'custom_components/fan/broadlink_fan_codes/ceiling_fan.ini'
    default_speed: low
    defaut_direction: left
            - low
            - medium
            - high
            - highest     

In which the was put on the folder
ceiling_fan.ini was put on the folder


   - platform: broadlink
    name: Living room
    mac: 'B4:43:0D:A8:26:D9'
    ircodes_ini: 'custom_components/media_player/broadlink_media_codes/samsung.ini'

In which the was put on the folder
samsung.ini was put on the folder
Do you have any suggestions?
Many thanks for your attentions
Minh Chau


Can you see in your dev log or in check config --> if there any errors in your configuration?
I see there’s some problem with tabulation in your media player config, should be:

  - platform: broadlink
    name: Living room
    mac: 'B4:43:0D:A8:26:D9'
    ircodes_ini: 'custom_components/media_player/broadlink_media_codes/samsung.ini'


Dear radinsky,
Sure, every time I make a change to the configuration.yaml, I always do the check config. However, I received no error and reboot the hass normally.
In my thread, I made a mistake when making the first line as you mention the error.
I do not know the reason why it does not show in the front end.
Thank for your support
Minh Chau