Broadlink IR Climate Component


Question. If my Daikin AC is powered on by original remote, HA sees it in Off mode. Normal behaviour, of course.
Then, if I try to power it off from Google Home, GH replies trying to do it and Broadlink blinks (so it receives a command) but nothing happens.
I would expect HA didn’t send any command, but it does and anyway it doesn’t shut off the AC.
Any ideas how to solve it?


It should, this component just resends the whole command (mode, fan speed, temperature; even when off).

HA will resend the command irrespective of the HA state or the A/C’s state. Just tested GH/GA, it too will send the command for this component to turn off the already off component.

If you turn on debugging, you may be able to see what its sending and compare it to the off command you were expecting.


I’ve tried both variations of Mitsubishi config files which didn’t work with my aircon, hence had to learn the range of codes. Having a 50% success rate of the codes being accepted by the aircon, whilst using the Broadlink app IR commands seem to be 100% reliable.
Don’t believe it’s the learnt IR code as the do works sometimes. Hence I’m a little perplex as to why the codes are received internmittantly.

In addition not sure if related, during the IR learn process pressing the same button ie “cool” the learnt code can be different and but both codes work???


Hi , Do you control your Toshiba air conditioner with HA. I have Toshiba RAS-35G2KVP-ND. Do you use any IR device to controll your AC with HA.


Not exactly sure on the question, but at this stage the Broadlink product is pretty good at integrating ACs with HA. Sure there is more, but the nice point with the broadlink it can also control certain RF devices.


Do all your codes end with “==“?
How did you learn them anyway? Using Broadlink manager app for windows is the cleanest way.


Hi robg. I have a Mitsubishi aircon and have just been playing with the setup, capturing all the codes via RMPro. Have not fully tested all temp settings to see if they all respond. I am in AU also. Any progress at your end? Is there anything I could test for you here that may assist?


Hi Borna & Rat,

Look it’s good now, the acceptance rate is 100% or close too it. I’m really not sure why it came good.
To learn, ended up using two broadlink Pro, one linked to the broadlink IHC phone app and working the other in learn mode via the broadlink manager app.
Apparently there is a way to download the codes from the app… would be great if all codes could be imported into the component! seems like we’re all reinventing the wheel to some degree.

Be interested if you’re see if other find pressing the same button pressed provides different codes.


Not sure if your Mitsubishi works the same as mine, but with mine, every command is sent at once in one IR blast. So for my system, I set up the air flow how I want it, and then just started learning codes from the min to the max. Then rinse and repeated for for hot. It’s annoying as I have a long list of codes for cool, which has every temp range for LOW, then MEDIUM, HIGH, and HIGHEST from 16 to 31. The same for heat. That’s 16 temp codes, multiplied by the 4 speed settings, multiplied by 2 for hot and cold. That’s a lot of codes.


It’s also the same for my Daikin and would seem its true for most systems according to @Vassilis.


Sure is a lot of code CJ to learn, cut and paste!

Seems like everyone is learning the same codes, hence how do we upload our learnt codes for all to use?


You can submit a PR to @Vassilis repo, which is what I and others have done once you’ve generated the codes for your unit.

I ended up with 682 lines of learnt codes covering all modes, fan speeds and temperatures :crazy_face:. It was a pain, but remember it only needs to be done once!


Your installation with door sensors to check AC split status is fantastic. I would like to make something similar but I really need some help, i am a noob in HA.
I often have to give multiple times commands via Google Home to turn on AC via this component.

Do you think it would be possible to use these sensors to tell HA to do something like this:

  • “ok google turn on AC”
  • HA sends IR codes via broadlink mini
  • wait 10 seconds
  • if sensors are still off, repeat sending IR codes
  • cycle again until sensor is on

Thank you


Okay will do,

682! wow that’s commitment. Well done!


Can you guys use this component to actually KEEP a certain temperature? I’m trying with my airconditioner but it does not automate anything, I can only use it manually with the increase/decrease buttons…

What I want is to decrease the temp on my AC when the temperature goes above a certain value and vice versa.


Appdaemon is excellent for this type of logic programming:


does it really have to be through yet another component? I already have the value string, I just cant figure out how to put it into an actual automation :frowning:

{{ + 1 }}


Not sure if you wanted to see my codes or not, but here they are if need be. I haven’t done everything. I’ve just set up the AC how I like it and then learnt the temperature codes for cooling and heating.


Thanks the didn’t work on my mitsubishi so looks like several versions.
Interestingly the Broadlink App has only 3 versions.


Bummer. Well, looks like down the code learning path you go. :frowning: