Broadlink Manager - Nicer way to Learn and Send IR/RF commands

Thank you is a great program.:slight_smile:

What is your broadlink exact model and version?
Do you see it in eControll app?

Hello @Tomer_Klein, how are you my friend?

If I may, I would like to suggest a feature that could help many people: is it possible to integrate a module that can read all codes when another phone using the original E-Control app connected to the same network shares the codes via the app?

It would be very nice to have the mobile phone in hand when learning many codes were the broadlink device is. I found very easy to create controllers, add names and organize them all in app (sorry, app in portuguese):


I believe a good way of doing that is:

  1. Learn all codes using E-Controll app
  2. Go to share and share with others
  3. Open your Windows app
  4. Click on Import from other devices on LAN
  5. Copy all codes

Thanks a lot for you time and great work on this solution!

Hi, thanks for your help.

It’s a RM pro+

Great app really helped me out getting my RF roller shutter codes out… my blind was simple, but the roller shutter was a nightmare - I think i did it 100 times to get out the 3 codes up down stop!

Just wondering if there is a way to export all the codes you saved with what you named it? am I just mssing something? I saw all the codes in the console area, but without labels.

I might have to tackle collecting the few hundred codes for my aircon for the climate componant… eewww!

Hello guys!

Reading through the posts here, I’ve found a great Python Script that converts the codes learned from the E-Control app using the mobile, something that I found very useful and easy to do. The script discovers all learned codes and creates an YAML file with everything converted and ready to use on HA.

Here is a video showing how it works:

Here is the post: Broadlink e-control to yaml

I’ve compiled an .exe file so anyone can run the script without much code or even installing Python.

Here is the program:!7N91xabJ!NXVBw6tSe8RIoCVaULGB5rJ5uUB8nsWTR4nJPgrBLC8

VirusTotal results (just for peace of mind, you can create your own if you want :slight_smile:):

You just need to copy the files jsonSubIr, jsonButton and jsonIrCode from the Android phone, located on “/broadlink/newremote/SharedData/”.

Used this method to compile the program:

I hope it helps!


Hello guys,

I don’t have Android, and I need to scan RF codes !!

I tried the windows 10 and windows 7 app and didn’t worked !! :frowning:

I can scan IR codes but no RF codes :confused:

I get the “RF Frequency SCAN (1/2)
(hold the button down”)

I hold it for 10, 15 seconds and nothing :frowning: I tried several times!! feelsbad

can someone help me out?


Maybe you can use an Android Emulator for Windows, something like this:

Hope it helps.

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It actually worked !!!

Muito Obrigado !! :smiley:

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Great tool @Tomer_Klein. Thanks!

The program isn’t working for me. Win 10. When I originally downloaded it, I was able to capture lots of IR codes from several different remotes and save them in individual files. Not sure what happened but now, the program closes after I save one IR code. But it isn’t saved, I am back to square one trying to capture codes. Also, I was never able to save the devices (3 RM mini broadlinks). It can’t find the network when scan is clicked. And I can’t manually add a device by entering the mac address and IP address. So basically, the program is broken. I have uninstalled and re-downloaded the program and reinstalled it three times, but still no go.

I like the way it was working, and would like to be able to use it again.


I have been trying to use the app to learn RF commands but I cannot get the app configured, all I get on the Device Pairing is:

I am using Windows 10, do I need to install and pre-requisites?

I also cannot add a device manually using MAC, IP.

Struggling getting the app to work. My RM Pro is already connected to wifi. When i click scan, it says looking for devices, and nothing happens. I added the device manually through it’s ip address but doesn’t work either. any advice?

the broadcom works fine with HA.

Many thanks!

I Had a the same issue, disabeled all firewals and virus shield and it workwd 100%.

I having the same issue.
Domain firewall off
Private network off
Public network off

still can’t get this to work.

Dont forget virus shields aswell

Hi @fayraz,
in order to Pair a new device using my software you need to enter your broadlink device into AP Mode.
in order to do that first press the reset button until the blue led blinks fast.
then press the button once again untill the blue led blinks slower.

you also must have Wifi adapter.
fater doing all the above press rescan and then you’ll see network calld BroadlinkProv and from there continue with the paring.

hello … how to make new ini file for new remote ? how to make the haet and cool for ac

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Hi guys,
I am new to this forum so forgive me for asking something that has previously been responded to.
Is there a tutorial on how to get a RM PRO to teach a learned code onto a new remote?

Thanks for this app it has worked successfully to learn my RF codes when HASS could not! I’ve submitted a change to the component page for instructions to use this app

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