Broadlink Manager - Nicer way to Learn and Send IR/RF commands

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Hi all,
as i was looking for a nicer, simple and liter way to use broadloink with home assistant i came across c# code that helpd me to teach the system the codes i needed but somthing was still missisng.
so i did more research and came up with an idea to add capabilities to the code i was found.

currently the program can be used for addning new devices to the network (without using the mobile app, learn new ir/rf codes and save it to json file (also base64 string for using in home assistant) and more.
the installer can be downloaded from here.

Update: i have updates my code and added support for more device models. i also add a small log to help me find why it’s not working for you.
to get the update, go to this link: [], download the zip file, extract it and replace your file.
this update is only for all of those reported the error.
Please make a backup before updating


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Amazing job! I have tested it and it works like a charm! Kudos for creating this tool, a big contribution for all the owners of the Broadlink IR/RF controllers!
I have 2 Broadlink controllers, one RM2 PRO PLUS2 and what seems to be the latest version of the RM PRO PLUS but that one doesn’t get discovered (the positioning of lights and reset button are different).

Regardless of that I used it to learn all the commands required to control my AC for the custom component Broadlink Climate control and it made my life so much easier! Way easier and faster than using the HomeAssistant broadlink learn service that would have taken me hours to get the IR codes!

Most importantly this works with RF codes! So many people struggled to get the RF codes or it required very complicated methods but this made it so much easier!


This works FANTASTIC for IR codes, but for some unknown reason, putting it into RF Learning locks up my RM Pro+. Broadlink Manager discovers it as the “RM2 Pro Plus3”

Also having a problem with the manager finding both of my Broadlinks. In addition to the Pro Plus, I have a Mini.


Thank you so much for this fantastic work. I will try it tonight. Mine everything is working fine but thought back to the old time of adding in the devices is such a pain.

Kind Regards,


Can this be taught multi-button press commands? For example, to turn off my projector I need to press the power button twice.


No need, you just set it to repeat in the script etc


I have a RM2 Pro Plus 3 (in the Model it is just reported RM Pro+ , with EU plug).
I can only add the device pressing “Scan” at starting window, and the rm appears 4 times (no way of adding it manually from Add Device).

After that, if I try to learn commands, it just doesn’t report anything.
Can I help anyway debugging this?
I have a strange Air Conditioner that sends like 12 info all togherer, so the possibility to study the binary RawData would be great…

@Tomer_Klein Let me know if I can help.


I’ll check it up for you.


It looks as a wonderfull tool… However, what version of Windoze does it require? TRying to install it on Win7 (sorry… don´t really need the fancy w10 GUI) complains about incompatible OS version.

Could be fixed?


Window 10 only


Great tool @Tomer_Klein! Thanks for your time and effort to share it! Have you ever though of “converting” this to a Hassio Addon? Like Frenck does… Sorry, I am not a programmer and not sure if would be impossible or not. That would be an amazing project as well. Thanks again!!!


Good work,

Is this learning codes from the device (TV etc) remote control or are you getting them from LIRC or some other database?

If it could be linked to something like LIRC (or even allow hand typing of the hex codes) it would give people access to commands that are not included on the remote.


Thanks for this, I tried to use it, but unfortunately it’s not working for me.

I have RM2 Pro+ and RM Mini3 on the network.

When I click the ‘scan’ It detected the RM Pro as “RM2 Pro Plus3”

When I click on learn command (IR or RF) nothing happens when i send it signals.

Looking for devices...
Found device : RM2 Pro Plus3
Device ready to use.
IP Address	: 192.168.XXX.XXX
Port		: 80
MAC Address	: 78:0F:77:XX:XX:XX
RF Frequency Learning mode is enabled.
RF Frequency Scan[1/2]
[Hold the button down!]

Device pairing via add device doesn’t work for me, I can’t add a device by entering the IP / Mac address, and I can’t click rescan because it says “Network: Broadlink AP not found”


Also if anyone feels like helping me out, I’m after 4x RF codes from the user-defined remote called “rangehood”. It can be added in the broadlink app but clicking ‘add remote’ -> ‘user defined’ -> ‘search’ -> ‘rangehood’. The full name of the remote is Whispair Montecarlo Rangehood.


for now it’s only supported on Windows 10 because it depends on Microsoft .NET framwork 4.6.
will try to make work on lower version.


the codes comes from the remote itself.
when entering into learning mode the RM device turn the ir or rf signal into Hex code and then my software converts it to base64 (nedded for Home Assistant) and saves it.

after saving the vommands you can access the file with the commands by clicking the yellow folder icon at the right side of the menu.


Thenk you @Schneider,
currently this app is written in c# and therefore will not be supported in
but you gave me an idea.
Broadlink has cli written in python and can do the learning and sending IR/RF codes.
this can be used in order to develope addon…


Thanks for the explanation. Would it be possible to pass a hex code to the RM so that the RM saves it as a ‘learnt’ command?


works fine for IR codes, but RF codes just seem to hang.

Have scanned them in fine with the broadlink app to test so the devices definitely work.

The light on the RM Pro shows its in scan mode, but the interface just hangs at:

RF Frequency Learning mode is enabled.
RF Frequency Scan[1/2]
[Hold the button down!]


My rm pro is already connected to my home wifi. I could find it using the scan button. It didn’t do anything when i clicked learn rfcodes.

How does device pairing work. Should we factory reset the device and then pair it. I could not get this part to do anything and I’m not sure if it is necessary to pair of my rm device is already on the home wifi.

PS. I wrote a guide on how to lean rf codes the old fashion way that may be of use for some one.