Broadlink pre-configured remote

Hi! i got a broadlink rm mini 3 that i use to control my AC, in the broadlink app there is a super useful pre-configured remote for my AC, it allows to set specific temperature and other functions which are not on the remote that comes with the AC, the issue i am having is that i can’t get that pre-configured remote in home assistant, using the broadlink integration all i can do is record existing functions of the remote so i can’t use the other button thats broadlink app gives, any ideas how i could get the broadlink pre-configured remote in home assistant?

Don’t think it is possible to use broadlinks build in,
however, check out SmartIR, it knows many allready , and still growing!

i already checked my ac is not in the list.

Too bad…
But you can always add it… (if you decide to go for this SmartIR, I can recommend it :wink: )