Broadlink RM-PRO and TC2 switch

It is awesome to see the support of more and more of Broadlink products in HA. They are cheap and looks good for home automation. However, support for TC2 wall switches is yet to come. They are beautiful and can be easily use as replacement for existing wall switches without any wall hacking. I don’t mean to sound pushy but I would like to request for this feature in HA soon. Thanks.

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Do you mean support for SP2 is same with TC2?

I put this in my config…

  platform: broadlink
  mac: 'AA:AA:AA:AA:AA:AA'
  type:  sp2
      command_on: 'switch_packet on'
      command_off: 'switch_packet off'

…then I went to Dev tools > Services and activate broadlink > learn_command

Nothing happened.

Does it give the state?

What about consumption?

Sorry, too fast there.

TC2 needs to be supported by the library we are using, before we can add support for it:

Oh OK then. I shall wait for the good news.

will it monitor energy consumption?

If so, how?

I dont think TC2 can monitor energy consumption.

my question about energy monitoring ws towards the SP2.

BTW you cannot find it in online stores, only the SP3 and the mini, and both DO NOT have energy consumption measurements possibility.

Strange !!???

waiting for this too. They are the only inexpensive solution on the market that I found

I bought a TC2 wall switch, hope to get the support for it.

For now since it supports the broadlink rm pro, I can still use the command_line, but this will not give the status of the switch

How can we help programmers program it? Unfortunately I can’t program myself, but able to do test and/or work on the product

you have TC2 switch? Can they dim a non smart bulb?

No. It can’t dim any lights. It just an on/off switch

Hi everyone,

I have the same TC2 switch. I have the same problem which i’m unable to learn the command from home assistant. :frowning:

Who said TC2 is supported? Am I missing something here?

Ow so you mean is not supported yet on TC2? I was asking around and i got a reply from Daniel that use the latest broadlink file and i was just trying out it works but its not. :frowning:


I know that thread. but where does it says TC2 is supported? @Danielhiversen you didn’t say anything about TC2 is supported, right? The last reply I got from you is [quote=“Danielhiversen, post:6, topic:7904”]
TC2 needs to be supported by the library we are using, before we can add support for it