Broadlink RM2 Pro and cheap PIR 433Mhz Sensor


I have Broadlink RM2 Pro and I got few PIR Motion sensors that whenever there is a motion sends the signal.

Is there a way to have the Broadlink RM Pro always listening so I can use the sensor to trigger some automations?


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Add me in on this my RM2 Pro should arrive soonish and I want to know this as well. Anybody got a RM2 Pro working with sensors?


If you are interested below you have the link from the sensors I have.

I have the new door sensor and two new PIR Motion sensors.

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It is currently not possible, but is should be possible to add support for it.

You should start checking the code here:
You basically need to always have the device in learn mode


Just read into it somewhat and thought it may be something like this…maybe it’s finally time to install a dev-env for HA and start coding :smiley:


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What about reverse engineering of the apk so we can “learn” how to ping the devices (of course S1C device)?

If you are interested in using these sensors with home assistant you are welcome to take a look at my post here: