🔹 Browser_mod - turn your browser into a controllable device, and a media_player


I know this post is old, but did you ever figure out a work around for this? Is there any other drop down card that have come out that will work in a POP up card?

No, never did find a solution, beyond making pop-ups full screen, or putting any dropdowns nearer the top.

Judging from the comment by Thomas (the browser-mod developer) in the now closed GitHub issue I linked to, overflowing dropdowns on a popup is something that just can’t be done.

Okay thanks for the reply. I tried messing around with the new bubble card as well, still no luck. Back to the drawing board for design lol

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I just updated HA to 2024.4
My previous versoin was 2023.11

My pop up cards open full screen on my iphone now. Can someone tell me how to fix this?

They look fine in browser, but something changed with this update, and I cant stop it from going full screen

Hey Guys, trying to figure this out.
I have browser mod working for a pop-up camera when motion is detected.

What I’m trying to do next is click on an entity/card in my dashboard that takes me to a view in browser mod and once I’ve clicked on what I need, it should bring me back to my home screen.
How would I go about with this?

For reference here is my code of the fans button and the path for my view is


show_name: true
show_icon: true
type: button
action: call-service
service: browser_mod.popup
device_id: c17146b5bec5c756372089eaced63a8a
dismissable: true
autoclose: false
content: wall-test/fans
size: normal
entity: fan.fans
icon_height: 30px
action: none

Hi, as stated in How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question → Format it properly please use YAML proper code.
This is important to be able to help you.


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Hi Everyone, I am new to this and just installed the the browser mod to create pop ups.

I was able to create a pop up but would like to know how to trigger it from a picture element card. Can you have different triggers for different pop ups?

That is something that change a long time ago. Since you skipped a few updates, you weren’t affected back then. You can use this fork someone else made, which fixes it all on mobile: GitHub - ve1koz111/hass-browser_mod: :small_blue_diamond: (MOBILE FIX) A Home Assistant integration to turn your browser into a controllable entity and media player

Add the repo as custom repo in HACS and download this version. Make sure you completely uninstall the old browser_mod from integration panel, then uninstall from HACS and restart Home Assistant.THEN install the new one and restart HA and add as integration again.

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Interesting, I hadn’t to run into this issue myself yet.

I didn’t find details on the surface about what all gets “fixed”. Do you know if this fork has any impacts on the experience outside of mobile?

Nope, all works great with this fork and fixes mobile to look the same as desktop like it was. I’m using this for a few months now :slight_smile:

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Sweet, thanks!

Thanks @ASNNetworks I installed and it looks like it works partially from developer tools > services, but it asks for a target. The previous version didn’t require one. Is this correct? If I put a target it works. But the the target list is limited.

My response wasn’t directed to you? I replied to the user that mentioned it didn’t display properly on mobile devices, which this fork fixes. As far as I know it works identical as normal browser_mod 2 but with mobile popups fixed.

I don’t use targets with browser mod, only popups with button service calls via dashboard. So can’t help you with this.

Thanks! That’s what I am building up to. So I created a “pop up” panel using the custom:popup-card card module.

How do I create a button to call up that card or and action if i am putting it on a picture element card. And does the card have to be on the same page?

You should check out the extensive read me on github, it’s all documented very well. Also there are examples in this thread if you lookup keywords like “fire-dom” (which is one of the codes).

I can’t write a step by step guid how to achieve what you want, especially since the information is there to pickup already :wink:

Do you have a link to the github documentation?

Not to sound rude, but it’s literally the first post of this thread. I get you want an answer, but all threads have a first post where they explain what the project is and a Github link.

Also in HACS, where you installed it, it loads up the read me. And the fork I linked also had the same readme and mentions the original repo you can click on.

Thanks, will read in detail.

How can I do browser-mod popup for tap “action: fire-dom-event” in either picture entity or picture glance cards?

Both “Picture entity” cards and “Picture Glance” do not allow “fire-dom-event”. It only allows browser-mod pop up. But it would pop up to every one of my tablets on the wall. I just want to pop up to the tablet that was tapped.

can someone point this out, what can be wrong with browser mod?
I have browser mod with hide header, that is working fine:
Then, when I navigate to a page on another dashboard, this happen:

As you can see, part of the header appear, which does not disappear even when I’m going back to the original page. Only a reload page helps.

Or it could be, there is another issue not related to browser mod?
2. is it possible to detect in a script or template, on which device I’m running the HA dashboard? (in browser mod I have 4 registered devices)
Thanks in advance.