[BTicino/Legrand] Sdomotica Gateway Hass.io addon

Sdomotica Gateway for Legrand BTicino MyHome Living Now (Wired)

Sdomotica Gateway is Hass.io Add-on runs only a Raspberry Pi which, in combination with a Gateway Bticino/Legrand (MHserver1, F454, F453AV, F452, MH200, MH200N, MH202, MH201) already present in your system, allows you to integrate and control MyHome automation system with a series of other software and third-party components.

Sdomotica Gateway translates home automation commands into MQTT messages and have an internal builder of Home Assistant package specifically for BTicino/Legrand items.

Please follow all the steps to install and configure add-on, don’t jump any step

Manual here # Enjoy with it!


Version 2.2
Bugs fix thanks to caiosweet

  • automation for energy mapping
  • degree symbol on climate
  • builder package updated


Hi, I just exchanged all my old wall outlets and commands to BTicino LivingNow and I wanted to try some of the domotica-parts, like the home/away command, connected switches and connected relais. But this all works via the NEW wireless K4500C gateway (ZigBee) and has (afaik) nothing to do with the MyHome installation. Any idea where I can find a HA-component/platform for this new system?

I’m working on it. Rightnow only wired Living Now. Coming soon wifi LivingNow


I wonder if the addon is compatible with Legrand Celiane Netatmo?

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Thanks for the great work. Does it support F455 gateway? Thanks.

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Yes it should works.

After I put yaml configuration file into packages folder and click Check Config in Hass io. It reports:

Invalid config for [automation]: required key not provided @ data[‘action’]. Got None
required key not provided @ data[‘trigger’]. Got None. (See ?, line ?). Please check the docs at https://home-assistant.io/components/automation/

Any idea? Thank you.

The problem is regarding the automation. The builder has been developped before the breaking changes ragarding time platform
Go on yaml automation zone and change where you have

     - platform: time
       minutes: "/30"
       seconds: 00


     - platform: time_pattern
       minutes: "/30"
       seconds: 00


Thanks but the automation part do not have a time platform. It is very simple with initial settings.

  - alias: "Startup Mapping"
    initial_state: "on"
       - platform: homeassistant
         event: start
       - service: mqtt.publish
           topic: "sdomotica/mapsystem"
           payload: ""

Hello ,
Thanks for that wonderfull addon , did you know if it’s possible to integrate Legrand Celiane Netatmo without your add-on on home assistant because it’s not available yet .

I’m on final testing before the release. But it’s for Living Now based on Celiane

Thanks for your reply , do you thinks they are a lot of difference between bitcino living now and legrand netatmo ?

The next update is compatible with k4500c gateway?

Is it possible that we’ll be able to use integration with Btcino Class X300 Wi-Fi door entry system without any expensive gateway?

Offical API don’t permit this


Can you tell which of the cheapest gateway will allow to integrate this door entry system with HA?

i read in this link https://portal.developer.legrand.com/docs/services/classe-300x13e-v2/operations/Open-lock that the API can be called with curl and with python script without SDK .

Does anyone try that?

Thank you, regards

If have you in your system a F454 it’s possibile open the door by SCS frame.
We could develop too this funvtion in our addon but will be limited on door open and light on/off