[BTicino/Legrand] Sdomotica Gateway Hass.io addon

I finally able to install it and make it running by deleted all automation part. But after I tried turn on/off lights with success, I left home for a few hours. When I got back, it show this add-on reached limitation and unable to do any more actions. So does it mean I must to pay for unlock action limitation? Thanks.

Hi Sandro,
great job with this add-on, I install it on a new Hassio instance and work perfectly but…
after 25-30 sec on inactivity the add-on stop. I have to restart and all start again till when there is another inactivity of 25 sec.
I’m using as gateway an H/L 4684, and know that there is a time out of 30sec, after this the gateway close the connection and has to restart.
I develop the Openweb library to interact with HA
and to avoid this problem I put a loop that send command on bus every 20 sec . It’ s not important the command it’s only to keep open the communication.
Maybe this can help

The free version stop after 50 frames. The paid version works without problem.
No timeout problem

If I have Hassio on a Debian pc, it don’t work?

Only on raspberry

Thanks for this developpement. How can we get the paid version ?

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After the implementation, everthing work grate. But, after sometime, I loose the status feedback. All switch stay in the last position. Already if i toogle them, they return back.

Do you know how a can solve that ?


Hi! Anyone figure out how to integrate the Btcino Class X300 Wi-Fi in homeassistant? @Sdomotica_Automation @gobbe87 @Raq_u

Unfortunately no. In my hassio are missing only BTicino products (x300 and smarther x8000)

x300 isn’t possibile with the acutal Legrand API. x8000 quite ready to release

@Sdomotica_Automation why is not possible to integrate the x300? Okay, we only have one api for Java, but in the end we are making http requests to the cloud. In the worst case cenario, we can make one docker image which exposes one mqtt interface. One thing I haven’t understood is how can we get the client_id, secret and the api_subscription_key? we need to get one authorization from legrand?

Legrand release only sdk for ios and Android, thus only mobile.
For all clientid I have a detailed howto and I will release is togheter with new Sdomotica image.

Does this work with Legrand Valena Next with netatmo?

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Installed the hassio VM on virtualBox, downloaded on the official hassio website. but I think it’s 64 Bit version.
When I try to install the add-on I get “not available for your system” message.

How can I resolve? Do I need to install a 32-bit version?

The addon works only on raspberry 32bit

Thank you for the quick reply.
No way to install a linux 32 bit machine?

No, only on Raspberry platform

Does the Bticino 8000 line fully work with this? Any limitation we should be aware of?

I added generic buttons to sdomotica plugin, like

Generic Buttons
{“type”:“Button”, “name”: “Cancello”,“address”: 12},
{“type”:“Cen”, “name”: “Cen command”, “frame”: “2523#1*21##”},

how i can use it in home assistant, i can see all like a switches in HA but i see nothing when i pressing real phisical button.

My idea is to use bticino buttons to control some automation in HA

Did you look on the log of the addon?
Here the manual