Bticino Open Web Net USB l4686sdk addon

I created an addon to trasform Hassio in a Open Web Net Gateway.

You can download it at:

As usual copy it in you addons directory and start it from the web interface.

It exposes the service on port 20000
so you can connect to hassio.local:20000 to get the bus data!

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Sorry for asking something that’s not strictly related to your addon.

I already have a gateway on my SCS bus, how can I make Home-Assistant interact with it?
Or maybe, how can one make Home-Assistant interact with your addon? I mean, write OpenWebNet frames in reaction to user inputs and read frames to get feedback to the user?

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Sorry for being unpolite and answering now.
I abandoned the project.

Hello all
I read your posts. I just installed HASSIO on my raspberry but I cannot understand how to install Openwebnet. If I run in shell Python3 or PIP i got: command not found error. Please could you kindly help me?