[BUG?] Scene editor activates scene when loading the editor

I post this here, as a similar post on HA github issues page was closed with no ability to post comments.

I think the newly introduced scene editor is good as a missing feature, which was introduced, but the way it works makes me think it’s buggy.
Every time I edit a scene the scene is launched. I don’t think it’s the way it should work. Why would anyone want this? I don’t want my home to go crazy and flash lights, open/close covers just because I went into scene edit mode. I want to decide on that when I want to test it.

Perhaps the current behavior was chosen as it was the simplest way to implement it (entities are really set with the state from the scene, so no need to have some “virtual” entities), but I think this must change.

This issue was described on Github: https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/issues/28952

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Why would anyone want this?

I haven’t used it but I believe this is indented behaviour.

You set the entities how you want them and save them as a scene.

When you edit the scene it activates so you can edit the previously set states and save it .

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Yes, tom, that’s exactly what happens and what I believe is wrong. I want to be able to set all entities “offline” without them controlling the devices when I set the states.
I know no other system behaving this way when editing scenes.
This is just frustrating and unwise.

I’d opt for a checkbox in the GUI like “interactive scene setup” or a “Preview” button in scene editor which triggers state changes. In the case of checkbox when it’s unchecked - then everything happens without sending control signals from HA to the devices behind the entities.

But by default one should be able to edit offline without actually changing the real states of the devices. Smart home system should be smart and user friendly. HA creators understand this, so I hope it will be changed or improved e.g. as proposed above.

a checkbox in the GUI like “interactive scene setup” or a “Preview” button

Worth suggesting as a feature request on github (here isn’t really the place).

Until that is taken on board (or not) if you want to edit a scene “off-line” don’t use the interactive UI. Use a text editor to edit the scenes.yaml file.

Actually this forum is the right place. Github new issue comments say that:

I can move this from Development to Feature requests if you like.

No thanks, that’s fine. I want this to be here to bring the devs attention. I’ll open a new Feature with a clear description in a new thread and will crosslink this one.

EDIT. Feature Request opened: Improve Scene editor, allow scene edits without setting devices' states


Quote from my post at: 0.102: Official Android App, Almond, Scene editor

Completely agree… I don’t want my skylight opening and letting the rain in to my house just because I am editing a sunny scene when it is raining!!

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I also think this should be changed. :v: