Bulk Edit cards in new Sections view

Good day! I’ve been playing around with the new Sections view and love it! I’ve only been playing with HA for a month and feel like I fell into something amazing!

I’ve added a section with a few lights (about 8) and found it tedious to go change settings for each individual one. If there was a way to change general setting for all cards inside a section like “show state” or “vertical”. The ability to toggle these kinds of settings for all cards would be amazing!

Thanks for the amazing work!

I believe it was mentioned at the latest release party and the Project Grace announcement that ideas and suggestions regarding the new dashboard should be also posted in the Blog Post to be sure the right people see it. This is because the feature is still Experimental.
You might want to post this there as well.

For like entities in sections, I create one card (Tile) and configure it the way I want then use the copy and paste feature. Then I just change the entity when the new card is created via paste.

Not quite a way to edit all cards at once, but it ensures I have most of the other settings the same for all like cards in a section.