Bureau of Meteorology (BOM Australia)

Hi all,

I have made a sensor that reads the current weather condition from the BOM Australia API and creates the appropriate sensors.

For those interested I have uploaded the custom component to my GitHub.
tinglis1 - GitHub

I will look at creating one for forecast, radar and weather warnings as well when I get some more time.
You can use the rain radar with the camera component as the moment. I will post that shortly.


To create a rain radar that updates automatically use the camera component.

You need to use the the configuration below but swap out the IDR643 for your radar of choice.
You can find the radar code by going to:
BOM > State > Radars
The radar id will be in the url.

This updates every minute to the latest image. The radars only update every 5 minutes though.

    - name: BOM Rain Radar
      platform: generic
      still_image_url: http://www.bom.gov.au/radar/IDR643.gif?{{ now.time().strftime("%Y%m%d%H%M") }}00
      limit_refetch_to_url_change: true  

This is fantastic! Please consider making a PR for this to go up as an official Component!

Great idea about the Radar image as well!


I am working on a new version of the BOM sensor to update every minute but only after 30 min has passed since the update time. As the BOM only update current data every half hour This will keep the update requests on the BOM link down.

For the radar component, I have some ideas but haven’t looked into it more yet.

I would like to have the ability to show time lapse of the radar images that are cached locally.
e.g. with x being cusomistable and how many previous radar images to get.

  • download radar image for 0min, -10min, -20min
  • display -20min for x seconds
  • display -10min for x seconds
  • display 0min for x seconds

bookmarking this as it is really awesome! i love BOM and looking forward for this to be incorporated into the next release :slight_smile:


The bom component has been merged into the dev version of HA. So keep an eye out in version 29.0



Woooooot!!! Fantastic cannot wait to try this out!

Well done @tinglis1

Thank you @tinglis1, much appreciated.

Did you resolve the issue or is there something in the component I need to look at?

Looks like it resolved after a couple of hours. Just keep in mind that there might be an issue but if there isn’t anyone else having an issue maybe it was just me.
Thanks for the follow up,

Hi there thanks for your hard work in making this possible for us down under.
I have few components that do not work one that i do have automation on is cloud cover.
I am located in croydon nsw but my nearest weather station is bankstown problem is that there is no info for fallowing sensors:
Cloud -
Coverage -
BOM Cloud Type -
BOM Cloud Base unknown
BOM Cloud Type ID unknown
BOM Pressure mb unknown mbar
BOM Pressure msl unknown msl
BOM Pressure qnh unknown qnh
BOM Pressure Tend -

Does anyone else have similar problem or is just me or the weather station? ia any way to fix it?
Other do work like temperature and humidity and the wind.
I decided to move to BOM from Dark sky because of inaccuracy in cloud coverage sensor.



I have had a quick look at the raw data output from the bom site.

The cloud cover data doesn’t seem to be available for the Bankstown site. The pressure should be available though. Not all station have all the sensors.

I don’t know where dark sky gets it data from but it could be personal stations or an aggregate of the publically available bom station.

Thanks for your quick response. I see, that’s annoying, cloud coverage
is the only one that i really need it. I will see if i can get it for
another station although there are not that meany closer to me.
Although i love the delta temperature.
Thanks again for your good work.

Great work on the component, I was trying to enable the radar image with still_image without success… Any pointers? FYI I am just using the official component and didn’t add any custom code from your github.

  • platform: bom
    zone_id: IDV60901
    wmo_id: 95866
    still_image_url: http://www.bom.gov.au/radar/IDR023.gif?{{ now.time().strftime("%Y%m%d%H%M") }}00
    limit_refetch_to_url_change: true

I think this is all you will need - the camera component to load the particular IDR. I believe it will work even withouty importing the BOM platform.

  platform: generic
  still_image_url: http://www.bom.gov.au/radar/IDR643.gif?{{ now().strftime("%Y%m%d%H%M") }}00
  name: RainRadar
  limit_refetch_to_url_change: true
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Perfect! I was reading the example above incorrectly :smile: thanks for the assistance.

Great component with so much data… thanks so much!!

Is anyone having issues with updates only after ~11 hours or so…

Data is available on BOM, and updates fine after a HA restart.

Thank you for the great component. May I suggest a new feature here:

Would it be possible to replace the value of cloud_oktas with the icon as shown in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okta?

Yea I cant seem to get it to auto update besides a restart of HA.

Seems like the latest release 0.38.1 has solved the problem for me…