BW-SHP13 (BlitzWolf) current consumption value is read poorly slow

I’ve got a serious issue with a BlitzWolf smart plug “BW-SHP13” (BlitzWolf Electricity Metering 16A EU Plug (BW-SHP13) Zigbee compatibility, Zigbee ID: “TS0121”; “_TZ3000_g5xawfcq”; “_TZ3000_3ooaz3ng”) integrated using deCONZ (using a ConBee 2 coordinator).

Issue: Very slow update of current consumption values (“0804 Electrial measurement” cluster, id “0x050B” Active Power).

It takes somewhat from 5 (best-case) up to 15 (worst-case) minutes (!!!) until an update happens. That makes the devices unusable for almost any use-case (where metering accurate is important).

Compared to a WiFi based Shelly Plug S which reliably updates on every value change (can be multiple times per or at least once a second), the ZigBee integration of deCONZ falls far behind unfortunately.
There is only one single indication I could find that it might be device specific:

At the same time hearing from many others who integrated the very same device using ZigBee2MQTT or ZHA they don’t have this issue. So I tend to summarize

  • either it’s a deCONZ integration specific issue (bug)
  • or it’s a network based issue (which I don’t think as I have a very strong one with several other repeaters)

Interesting/what I discovered already:

  1. If I manually read the “0804 Electrial measurement” cluster, the current consumption value (id “0x050B” Active Power) updates immediately. It’s “just” the automatic update which takes like forever.
  2. If I remove some repeaters with a low LQI (well-known OSRAM smart plugs) from the ZigBee network (theory: maybe they delay/block the transmission of the value update), nothing changes.

1) Is it “normal” for deCONZ integration with the BW-SHP13 devices?
2) Or is it a bug? If so:

  • How can I debug this?
  • What information is needed to help you help me?

This is really a deal-breaker/show-stopper for me as I (plan to) use many of the BW-SHP13 devices. So I urgently need to sort this out. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Update: Potential “solution” found @ Update frequency Blitzwolf BW-SHP13 (TZ3000_g5xawfcq) - General Support - deCONZ Community.

Please note there’s a difference in hardware (various models with the same label “BW-SHP 13”):

ve the same problem, the SHP13 is too slow. but i use only Zigbee2mqtt. No deCONZ.
What can i do? need a power update all 1 seconds (if possible) but not all 5 minutes