CalDAV and recurring events support

I am using SOGo as my personal calendar with the caldav platform. In this combination (and by looking at the code probably with any other CalDAV server) the caldav platform does not support recurring events.
I am in the process of changing that and am hoping to find some volunteers who would be interested in trying a beta version of
All-day recurrences work fine already. Unfortunately there is currently a bug in the vobject library that prevents non-all-day recurrence to work properly; there is a PR that tries to fix this issue but it has not been incorporated into the code base yet. This is also the reason why I haven’t created a PR for HA yet.
Please let me know if my enhancement works for you or not, and in either case which CalDAV server you use. Thanks.

I just tried a recurring event on my Nextcloud calendar, and HA didn’t have any problems at all in recognising it. What problem are you trying to solve?

The issue that I’m experiencing with SOGo is that recurrences of an event do not turn the calendar on. The initial occurrence of a recurring event works fine, but each following recurrence appears to be ignored.
The calendar event’s recurrence rule typically looks like this, and the caldav platform code does not handle this.
Where I am unsure is whether other CalDAV server may solve this issue by returning recurrences as separate events. SOGo does not do that.

@gpbenton: Have you tried creating a calendar event one week in the past with a weekly recurrence and see if that turns the calendar on today?

Just tried it. Created a weekly recurring event starting on May 25th.

It triggered at 10:56, even though the event started at 10:55, which was a bit strange, but it is definitely on now. The same applies to daily events.

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Thanks for helping with this.

I just tried the calendar app of owncloud and to my surprise this also works fine with recurring events in HA. I noticed though that the difference between SOGo and owncloud indeed appears to be how they respond to a date search. SOGo returns the original event with the first start and end date and the recurrence rule, while owncloud simply returns an event with today’s start and end date and a recurrence ID but no recurrence rule.

Oh, well, this seems to be a long known issue in SOGo: “0003065: CalDav REPORT: Unable to receive expanded events with recurrence”

Just updated to the latest SOGo Version 4.08, the issue still persists. Did you ever found a workaround?

Nope, no solution with SOGo :frowning:

is the problem solved with this PR for you?

I have the problem, I just see the first occurrence of the meeting

To be honest I haven’t tried.

I was planning on using SOGo events for a garbage collection sensor. However, eventually I had an epiphany and realised that the garbage collection is always on the same day every week, or every other week for some bins. And so I created a template sensor with a bit of advanced maths and did not have the need for using calendar events anymore…

ok thank you, maybe someone else ?

I have same problem with nextcloud calendars :frowning:

Hi All,

Suddenly I get those errors. Never seen them now many in log file:

2023-01-24 07:48:49.442 ERROR (SyncWorker_9) [root] CalDAV server does not support recurring events properly.  See
2023-01-24 07:48:49.467 ERROR (SyncWorker_9) [root] CalDAV server does not support recurring events properly.  See

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