CalDAV repeating events dont show up

I added my Nextcloud calendar today in HA and i have problems with repeating events.

I have a rule that an event Repeated weekly on every MO,DI,MI,DO,FR (Weekkdays)

So every week i have an entry on every workday. in all my calendars this work fine but in HA i see only one entry on Monday:

and this is how it should be (screenshot out of nextcloud)

also the color matching is wrong but thats no problem for me

no fix for this? my calender component is not loading all events from nextcloud

I am also waiting for the fix. For the time being I have added repeating events manually, each and every single day by day into the referring Nextcloud Calendar.

What is even more bothering is that CalDAV doesn’t pick up workdays correctly for the day after a holiday which makes atomations based on “event the day after a holiday” faulty:

Lots of problems with recurring events in caldav component.
See here for instance.

I can’t make all-day recurring events work (seen the day before), exceptions in repeat are not shown/removed… But I’m not sure the cause is in the HA component ?

I know I am just a user and I can’t complain because I get the great HA integrations and core for free. But gollee! I really want to be able to adjust events on the fly based on calendar items which makes changing one-off schedules a breeze instead of having to update a helper or node-red node.

I’ve been wanting to have my alarm automation set on a calendar for Months, and to find out this has been an issue for over 2 years. Please! someone be the hero we don’t deserve and take a look at this issue!

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… Not using Nextcloud, but my caldav calendar repeating events are also not showing up.

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Seeing the same issue with synology calendar (caldav). Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

I also have this issue when using caldav to pull events from an Apple iCloud calendar. I think there are fundamental issues with the calendar in HA. The same thing is an issue with other calendar types including Google calendar.

Ah, looks like the root cause might be the underlying python caldav library?

I’m the de-facto maintainer of the python caldav library, which is used by the caldav integration.

The python caldav library depends on the server to do expansion of repeating events - unfortunately not all servers supports this. I haven’t read all the activity above - but I expect it to correspond with this list:

  • Xandikos - reportedly, expansion should work on newer versions, but I haven’t been able to get the tests to pass.
  • Radikale - does not work, ref Expand Recurring Events Kozea/Radicale#662
  • Zimbra - while quite a lot of things break in their caldav support, expansion actually works
  • Bedework - expansion not working
  • Baikal - expansion of events work (but not for tasks)
  • iCloud - expansion works (but quite some other things break - caldav is not officially supported)
  • DAViCal - expansion works
  • Google - expansion does not work
  • SOGo - expansion does not work
  • Nextcloud - expansion works (but not for tasks)
  • Fastmail - expansion works

There is a plan to support expansion client-side, but hard to say when I will get time to fix that.

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Please give it a push.
I have recurring full day events and home assistant can’t detect them.

Meanwhile, is there a fix, workaround or Plugin to geht things working?

is there still no fix or help for? have added my synology caldav successfully but repeating events dont show up in monthly view. When i go to weekly it seems to work.