Calibration of aqara temperature sensors

I don’t understand, what do you mean with “source out the calibration”?

I mean I don’t want to have this calibration in the configuration.yaml instead in sensors.yaml but it did not work like I wrote it in my post in the beginning.

So I have no clue how to include the sensors.yaml into configuration.yaml, because template: !include sensors.yaml did not work properly.

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You may also find that your ‘offset’ is not linear and an mx+c suits better or even a polynomial, these can also be done. But the last thread I participated in on this subject. The error was merely perception and just the way the sensor updated - correction was not needed.

If you want the sensor in your sensor.yaml file then just put the include (as burningstone suggested) in there.

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Now I got it :slight_smile:

When I enter the code directly into configuration.yaml there must be a sensor: followed by the code, when indirectly, the sensor has still to be there, but followed by include! sensors.yaml and the code is in this data.


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Take a look here for more information about this:


Yeah, this is called ‘splitting your configuration’ (otherwise you end up with a 10MB configuration.yaml (exaggeration)) but splitting makes managing changes easier and more logical AND tracking down where you put the customisation for ‘this’ widget a LOT quicker.
You can split individual areas as you are doing now, so input_number, binary_sensor, automation etc or you can use packages. My configuration.yaml has 27 lines in it, 3 of them comments.


It would be nice if there was something like this:

      calibrate: -2

I’ve created a feature request to have something in the UI to do this for us, vote on it if you’re still interested in a simpler method than what’s currently avaliable:

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I am trying to calibrate the humidity from an Aqara Temprature sensor.

I use the following script:

And get:

Any idea what I could be doing wrong?

Please post code not pictures of code!

Your issue is that sensor: at the beginning has to be all lowercase.

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Which Zigbee integration do you use for your Aqara sensors ?

You can probably configure your temperature offset directly in Zigbee integration which would be much more cleaner.

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I have a Conbee and I think the only integration used is Phoscon, right?

It appears all my sensors are significantly low on humidity, the output is low and I compared them with sensors already in place in the Aqara app. Would be great with a smoother option since the sensors can become quite many.

The most common ‘universal’ Zigbee integrations in Home Assistant are probably : ZHA, Zigbee2MQTT and Deconz.

I don’t about about ZHA or Deconz, but I know that you can configure temperature/humidity offsets in Zigbee2MQTT plugin configuration. It’s probably also available in ZHA and Deconz.

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Aha, then it must be DeConz I am using. I will look up the other option, thanks!

I love you! Thanks! It works!

You are using deconz then, deconz doesn’t have this feature to offset sensors as far as I know.

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Hey everyone! I am trying to add 1 tenth of one degree +.1 to my bedroom temperature. when I put it into configuration.yamal it confirms the coding is correct. When I go to validate the configuration all I get is a throbber that never returns a valid or invalid configuration. So what am I doing wrong? Newbie here when it comes to coding! Thanks for any help.

  - platform: template
      friendly_name: "Bedroom Temp"
      value_template: "{{ states('sensor.bedroom_temperature')|float + .1)|round(1) }}"

I use following code for this an works perfectly:

  - sensor:
      - name: Temperature Library # calibrated
        state: >
          {{ states.sensor.multi_sensor_library.state | float(default=20) - 0.5 }}
        unit_of_measurement: "°C"
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