Sensor Value Offsets

There have been a number of threads across the forum to have the ability to define an offset for various sensor values, see a few linked here:

The current solution seems to be to create a second template sensor from the original with the offset, which to me seems a bit cumbersome. I also searched for this as a feature request and didn’t find anything this wide ranged just a couple of threads specific to Tado devices.

Could we get a setting to define a numeric offset on any numeric sensor value so that people can quickly and easily do this without having to write YAML and duplicate sensors please?

I created also a feature request:


Both sensors are next to each other
It would be great if you could specify your offset for each sensor via a direct setting!


let’s get this going please

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Ditto from me :slight_smile:

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I’ve edited the original post to cover any numeric sensor value, as limiting to just temperature sensors seemed unwise. If it’s numeric it’s likely there is some possible variance from the sensor so having a calibration value is worthwhile.

That does somewhat make this a duplicate of the request mentioned above, so if there are any admins who can close this and migrate the votes that would be helpful.

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Trito from me.

I’d like this too and to cover pressure / humidity etc also

This would be very helpful as I have about a 5 deg offset