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I am looking at buying a camera system to add to my HA. I want to know if I have a 4 camera system uses video over coaxial to a DVR system connected to the network, am I able to use HA to manage or control the DVR and live feed?

I don’t believe so currently. The only NVR that is currently supported as a component is Ubiquiti’s UniFi Video Camera.

Any IP camera can be added with the “generic Camera” component.
I like Ubiquiti Unifi cameras. They use software NVR that is free and cameras do the job for their cost.

I would not recommend any analog camera system. (Sams Club special)
I stay away from IP units that utilize 3rd party server and not 100% local hosted or local only option.(personal preference)

my second option was this system

it says “Say goodbye to port forwarding and networking issues. View and control your system from anywhere in the world, and see live video within seconds. With Zmodo’s sPoE, you never need to worry about your home or business security again.”

this is confusing though because they use the term “Zmodo’s sPoE” so it tells me it uses individual ip addresses via cat5 and i guess their software or app is just controlling the configuration. potentially I could get this and just use HA instead of their app.

If you can get to the camera itself via IP instead via the NVR, then I think it may work. But that doesn’t look like what’s going on there. I’m trying to get a look at a manual to be sure.

Yea that is what I was thinking of doing. I tried to get in touch with someone at the company via phone and interweb chat but no one answered either… That may be a sign right there not to go with them lol.

Here is my conversation with the rep at Zmodo:

-i am looking at this ZM-SS7CD8D4-S and wanted to know:

  1. Is the hard drive expandable
  2. Does each camera have a separate ip adress
  3. Am I able to add a bridge or network switch
    and add more camera

Dean Y.
1.the device can support up to 4TB
2.each camera have a separate ip adress
3.i am sorry to told you not

-is the only way to access the camera through the Zmodo App or can i use a different user interface

Dean Y.
you can use meshare app

Dean Y.
or you can visit the device from or on computer

-I am trying to integrate it with Home Assistant. do you know if that is possible.

Dean Y.
maybe not

-do you know the internet protocol used on the device

Dean Y.

Http + SSL will get you to the camera, but don’t know what you could do once you got there. ZSP is Zmodo’s proprietary protocol and it really only works with their software. I looked around github and couldn’t find anything that was in English or current so you’d have to do some deep diving to see if anyone has a method of accessing that protocol.

I found this mention of ZSP in one of the BangGood forums and the user there didn’t seem to have any luck with it either. Sorry.

Thanks for your efforts. they are not in vein i promise. LOL :grinning:

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Helping people is never in vain; I’m glad I could give something back.

So I started down a road to buy the Foscam system since it is currently able to be configured easily with Home Assistant. Well turns out Amcrest bought Foscam. So purchased the Amcrest Tribrid HDCVI Model # AMDV7214-4B. it states that it is backward compatible with analog and IP camera but is classified as a IP/Network technology. I am going to setup the cameras this weekend and then start my setup of home assistant on my Pi so I will report back my findings. I will try to use the Foscam setup process to see if its compatible.

Amcrest is just the new name of Foscam US. They were always just s distributor of Foscam products in the US; Foscam Shenzen is the actual manufacturer.

So the cam setup ( should be sufficient for Amcrest.

It depends on your model. I had to use the generic MJpeg camera setup and do inline authentication. This is my setup for the foscam FI8918W:

# Front Outside Camera
- platform: mjpeg
  name: Front Outside House
  username: USERNAME
  password: PASSWORD

It generates errors in the log but they can be ignored; it still works for both still and streaming.

this config worked for my amcrest camera

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Thanks for sharing this in this thread. Amcrest is a popular cam and this will help a lot of folks out.

Any luck with the Zmodo config?

I ended up buying an amcrest system because zmodo wouldn’t return my calls or emails with questions I had.

@c5vette211 Home Assistant now supports Amcrest cameras

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FYI you can pull streams from your Amcrest DVR I too have the 1080p triband.

Use ffmpeg:

ffmpeg: ffmpeg_bin: /usr/bin/ffmpeg


  • platform: ffmpeg
    input: rtsp://USERNAME:PASSWORD@IP:PORT/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=0
    name: Channel 1
  • platform: ffmpeg
    input: rtsp://USERNAME:PASSWORD@IP:PORT/cam/realmonitor?channel=2&subtype=0
    name: Channel 2

I seem to only get subtype0 to work but I think my problem is configuration in the DVR.