Camera Motion Lights automation problem

I am having some problems with an automation I am trying to make…

With the use of a Hikvision NVR I have successfully made a automation to turn on the garden lights when there is motion on the camera. that works super, until the lights need to stay off after 120 seconds.

The light do turn off, but the Camera then turn of his IR again, otherwise it is to dark. And then sees that as motion again. And bam the lights go on again. And that cycle keeps repeating. :frowning:
So how can I insert some kind of a delay for say 10 seconds that the automation does not react to the IR on switching motion.

I am using this blueprint as base: Turn light on and off based on detected motion with sun condition

Who has some pointers… Or maybe a working solution from his own experience…

Try adding a condition-

  - condition: template
    value_template: >-
      {{ (as_timestamp(now())-as_timestamp(state_attr('automation.your_automation_entity_id', 'last_triggered') | default(0)) | int > 130) }}