Camera widget doesn't work


you got camera_door as widget name and camera.door in your layout.
they need to be the same.


Thanx!!! Man that was embarrassing… lol
Again thank you so much


dont be embarrased.
such thing happen to us all.
you dont know how many times i spend hours trying to find out why something didnt work and in the end it was just something like this or a regular typo.


Hi guys… I’m in need of your expertice. I have 2 working Foscam’s in I can’t put them to work in HaDashboard.
this is my configuration:
widget_type: camera
title: Front Door Camera
widget_style: "background: gray"

I’ve also used:

and always got a gray rectangle :frowning:
My camera password has special characters like !"#$%& Is this a problem ???

I don’t know what else to do.
Please help.

Thanks in advance guys!


you should use the same url that works in a browser.
if you suspect that your password gives a problem? chage it to see if thats the problem.


to acess my cam i use a url like http://MYIP:9090/video
im using android ip webcam app to get imagen from my phone

in my widged im using

widget_type: camera
entity_picture: http://MYIP:9090/video

i get grey screen, what im doing wrong?


your not accessing the cam through HA.
if you add the webcam to HA you can access it by an url like:



im getting
Widget definition not found

IP Webcam:
widget_type: camera
entity_picture: http://myHAiP:8123/api/camera_proxy_stream/camera.your_camera?api_password=Mypass

wondering if is cause im using SSL on my HA
on my HA entity i see there access token and token might that be related?


got it to work thanks Rene for your suport :slight_smile:


@ReneTode is there any way to fix the way you view the camera i see in frames i was able to make it view better by using the refresh: “”,
but still see in frames

also i never was able to ear audio, from ipweb cam site i can hear audio but in homeassistant and appdaemon was never able to make it happen :frowning:


if you dont have audio in HA, you cant expect to get audio in dashboard :wink:
if you see in frames in HA you will see in frames in dashboard.

with proxy i get frames (like in HA with the small view in a group)
with proxy_stream i get video.

if your cam isnt like you want to in HA, you can seek contact with the person who did create the component.


@ReneTode on my HA when im seeing the video camera also see´s in frames but when i click to see in full mode then there is no frames, sees perfect, i wonder if this would be the problem in the dashboard, i would need to be able to click and see in full mode?


no when you have “proxy_stream” in the url in your dashboard you should see without frames, (if you dont set refreh!)
with “proxy” you have the frames.

but there are a few other things that can cause it to look like frames:

  1. refresh is set (then it reloads every time, so it stops for a short moment)
  2. ssl in HA with use from an outside url, causing a slow connection, because everything goes on the internet and back)
  3. bad network
  4. slow device where the dashboard is running on.

i would check it in that order.


most likely its the SSL in HA grrr


yeah, if you have it setup that way you have it like this:

camera > network > home assistant > Network > router > internet > external DNS > internet > router > network > dashboard server > network > tablet(or other device)

thats quite a way to go for a stream, to get there without trouble.
and it would be different if we would have a buffered stream but then we would have a preinstalled delay :wink:


have read all the posts and have tried everything. Here is what I have in hadashboard and HA

This is the only http that has worked in a browser and have tried that too with not luck
http://admin:[email protected]:80/cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi

widget_type: camera
title: Front Door


  • clock (2x1), sensor.set_point, sensor.current_temp, climate.home, alarm_control_panel
  • device_tracker.buds_iphone, device_tracker.joannie3648s_iphone, front_door
  • switch.sonoff_power, switch.sonoff_power2, switch.sonoff_power3,
  • double (2x1), bathroom (2x1), kitchen (2x1)


  • host:
    username: admin
    password: mypass
    port: 80
    name: Front Door
    resolution: low

stream_source: mjpeg

  - motion_detector      
  - sdcard

Here is what I get

any help would be appreciated.


First you need to have it working in ha.
Then you point to the working ha api
The link should be exactly as provided. So not to the porg ffom ghe cam, but to the port from ha.
If youre cam isnt supported by ha and you cant get it fo work in ha, you cant expect it to work in the dashboard.


I don’t have camera_proxy_stream but just camera_proxy


Thanks for your help.

I have tried camera_proxy without _stream and still nothing. Below is by HA config and it works in HA.


username: admin
password: mypass
port: 80
name: Front Door
resolution: low

  • motion_detector
  • sdcard


Dont use the ip and port from your cam. You need to use the ip and port from ha
Or in your case