sorry for the question but what is the best king of camera
in tern of cost/efficiency for HA ?


You could do with giving a bit more info on your needs.

Do you want to record locally either to an SD Card in the camera, to a nas drive or rely on the Cloud.

What picture quality do you want? 720p 1080p 1440p and above.
Talking about picture quality do you need it to work in the dark, I am assuming you are talking about a CCTV type camera and not a baby monitor.

To get the best out of a camera Setup you will need some form on NVR where it be a dedicated NVR, NAS Based like Surveillance Station or Blue Iris type setup.
Be careful of the very cheap cameras that rely on some crappy app as you wont have access to the stream either rtsp or Onvif.

I personally use HikVision Cameras and look for one with EXIR IR and not the ring of small leds around the lenses.

Agreed with wills106. Home Assistant is not a video surveillance system – it won’t record on demand or at triggers, it won’t allow you to search through recordings etc. It doesn’t have built in support for motion detection. It doesn’t even make a very good live monitoring system.

But if you have cameras that have some sort of an integration (such as Hikvision or many of the commercial consumer cameras) then you can have Home Assistant take some action based on for example motion detected (i.e. turn on outside lights or something similar). There is also a bunch of image processor components than can take a still image and “analyze” it to do something more (i.e. detect a person) which can then be used as a binary sensor in Home Assistant.

Thanks for the replays

rely on the Cloud (for free)
work in the dark
easy installtion in HS (all most like plug & play type)