Can Home Assistant Listen to 433MHz Remotes?

My understanding is that it can also send & receive 315Mhz, send & receive IR, used for bluetooth beacons, and a couple of other functions.

It’s all explained at the posted github and the associated wiki.


I don’t know if you ever got the 433toMQTTGateway to work but I’ve been trying to get it working for over a week now and it’s not going well.

I think the problem is my remotes don’t work with the library used by the gateway.

I need a decent remote to operate a ceiling fan with a light but I have no idea really which remotes will work. It’s surprisingly hard and confusing to figure out what you would expect to be such an easy thing. I mean, it’s not like ceiling fans are rare or anything.

I really think I’m moving on from the 433toMQTTGateway to trying the Pilight/RPi-RF setup described by @jeremyowens above.

If that works I guess I’ll have a couple of spare NodeMCU boards to play with on some other project.


Can all of this (pilight/RPi-rf) be easily installed and successfully run on the same Raspberry Pi that has Hassbian installed on it?

Not 100% sure about Hassbian, but I do run it side-by-side on my Raspbian Stretch. Since Hassbian is pretty close, I don’t see why it shouldn’t work.

i’ll give it a shot and report back how it goes.

Here is some ideas:

i’ve seen the list but there are no remotes I could find there that are specifically designed to be used for a ceiling fan.

I need 5 buttons. and it has to have a decent design. IOW, it has to be wife friendly…:wink:

I’ll look again tho. maybe I missed something.

could you remind me the brand of your ceiling fan?

the brand for both remotes are Hunter

with 433mhz I suppose (I see some threads talking about 350mhz :frowning:

yes, i’ve verified from the FCC website they are 433.92mhz, ASK modulated, PCM encoded. As well as it says 433mhz on the back of the remote.

but the remotes don’t have to be for a hunter fan. I just need the remotes to work with either your gateway or some other gateway. I already have the remote codes learned via broadlink and i can control the fans via the broadlink component in HA.

If i can send a signal to HA then i can use HA to control the fans.

In this case why not this kind of remote

Seems you can buy the remote alone:

I’ve looked at those but unfortunately they don’t meet requirement number two.:grinning:

And they have too many buttons to be used conveniently.

I may just have to settle for something like that but in the meantime I’m still looking at other options.

Thanks for the help tho.

You could get the sonoff rf bridge and flash it with tasmota to get it taking MQTT

It’s about £7-8 I think from Ali express, and can do upto 16 remotes.


If I flash it with another firmware I think it will lose the capability to talk with the remotes. I think it will use RCSwitch as the protocol library and I don’t think that library supports my remotes. At least that is what my research has led me to believe. If you think I’m incorrec t in any of that then feel free to let me know where i’m wrong. Any help would be hugely appreciated!

I have already tried the 433toMQTTGateway which uses RCSwitch and it doesn’t work.

Thank you for the suggestion but I don’t think it will help me.

sonoff rf bridge don’t use rcswitch but a proper microcontroller dedicated to RF firmware (that has not been hacked).
Maybe check if there is compatibility list.

I understand.

I wasn’t saying that the sonoff used RCSwitch from the factory.

He was saying to load different firmware onto it (tasmota). I was explaining I would not really gain any functionality if I did that over using your gateway.

Now, I may be able to use my remotes with the sonoff factory software but then I think would lose the self comtained functionality that I want from my home automation. I don’t want to have to rely on the cloud.

Unless the factory sonoff doesn’t work that way and I misunderstand the way it works.

But a non-hacked sonoff switch needs the could ewelink app to work. so i assume the bridge would as well.

Bridge with tasmota doesn’t require an Internet connection. It doesn’t use the ewelink app at all. I’ve flashed 3 sonoff device (including the bridge) with tasmota software and I can now delete the ewelink app as they don’t use that anymore.

I know it doesn’t use it if you flash another firmware on it.

But if you flash another firmware then I think i’ll lose the functionality of it being able to read my remotes. especially if it uses the RCSwitch library to setup the remotes. And honestly i don’t even know if it will read the remotes with the factory firmware either, for that matter.

Do you know if that is the way tasmota reads remotes?

Some inputs
The sonoff rf bridge is composed of two microcontrollers :
1)one esp8285 for wifi/connectivity management
2)one microcontroller for RF decoding and signal emission, 2 communicate to one by setial connection

1 can be flashed with stock firmware, espurna tasmota or openmqttgateway but it will not change the supported protocols, as they are handled by 2.

2 doesn’t have a custom firmware developped in my knowledge.
At final Rcswitch is not used in sonoff rf bridge for the moment.

If your remote is supported by one of the firmware and not supported by others it could be implemented by others. If the stock firmware doesn’t see your remote i m afraid you will have to go another way or wait for someone to hack 2…