Can Home Assistant run on any tablet?

Has this been run on any Tablet?

You mean the GUI or the OS/HA backend?

Both. GUI and OS backend

GUI is just a webpage, so that shouldn’t be an issue.
Backend… Tablets is battery powered, and that is probably not a good attribute of a HA server.

I have read a few posts where people has successfully done it but I don’t think it’s used for real that way, most likely it’s more a case of trying to make it work.
And don’t forget about the SD card, not a good idea either

oooooh battery powered: can be kept plugged in.

Android Tablets use SD card… hence the consideration?

SD cards are not meant to be written to all the time, and that is what Home Assistant does.
It logs data and events.

ah… ok Back to the main installation guide then.

I know Rasp Pi is the preferred “native” environment, how effect is the Windows?

It’s a very good option for someone who does not live in a mansion with multiple devices in each room.
It’s small, energy efficient and cheap.
But it “requires” an SSD to give a longer life than say 6-12 months.

I don’t understand this.

My Apologies:

how effective is a Windows setup? Thinking from maintenance perspective

Don’t know.
That is beyond my limits. I have only used it on a Pi.

That’s a great Idea to reuse old tablets , If this is possible then it is a good way to use old Ipad .

However giving the cost of say PI4+M2 drive is less then a good tablet , I think it is just for
experimentation . All the weak points in a Pi are even worst in a tablet with the heat issue for
24x7 added to the mix .

I have used an old Iphone as an IP camera and after 1 month i noticed the screen is cracked because the battery did not like this setup .

Just a note I am willing to sacrifice another tablet just to test if someone is interested in collaborating on this .


Thanks for sharing your experience.

I’m creating a sustainable solution that can be used for low-income seniors to help them with some stuff around the house. I found HA and now starting to experiment with this.

PI4+M2 may be the best cost solution, you are right that tablets are more expensive, however the PI4+M2 is also more “complex” looking and I want this to feel “approachable” for these folks.

I am happy to try out w a tablet or 2. DM?

While I really admire what you are trying to do ….

The reality is that even if we ignore the technical details of why a normal tablet is not optimal for this, the cost will for sure complicate things even further .

All of this is assuming that HA install on a tablet is more stable or less complex which I am not sure of

I wish you all the best

Edit : I just found below but only on android ( I thought is not yet ready )

everything I’ve ever heard from people trying to run it on a Windows PC outside of a VM (and maybe even then) is that it doesn’t very well at all.