Can I do this?

_emphasized text_I am a Vera Plus user wanting to make the switch to Home Assistant.

My idea is to use the Vera for it’s Zwave comm only, and move everything to HA.

I have an Odroid XU4 32gb card.

Can I install HA on my Odroid? Is there an image I can use?

I am not a coder but have basic linux experience. Will someone point me in the right direction to get this started please?

I’ve seen people doing the Vera for Zwave only before, several thread on it here with info if you search for them.

My recommendation for your mini-computer is to get your flavor of linux installed and going with your various drivers needed for network connectivity and such. Then I’d install Docker on your device. I saw one guide that was from Oct’2017 but you might find something newer that is easier and works better as things change quickly. SequentialRead - Docker on ODROID XU4: Installation and Creating a Base Image

Once you get docker going it’s a simple command to install HomeAssistant, super easy to upgrade and maintain as well as adding additional apps. I see one user suggested it here for your board: