Can I Get My Energy Consumption from PSEG Into Home Assistant?

My power company PSEG has detailed information about my energy consumption on their website. I can even see hour by hour consumption from my smart meter.

I always forget to check though and it would be much more convenient for it to be in Home Assistant.

Is there a way to do an integration for this? I couldn’t find anything on their website or by googling it.

Why not call their customer service and speak to a rep. See if they have an integration or add-on, if not who to talk to about getting it done for their customer base.

Other solution is to get the Shelly EM-2 or EM3 and get it installed in your electrical panel. I just did mine at the end of January. It seems to be working great so far. That way I have a check on the accuracy of my Smart Meter (here in Michigan it is either CE or DTE or a city owned/operated provider). My Smart Meter has no blinking LED to count pulses or to hang a AI with camera to read the meter.

thanks device you referenced. I’ve only had home assistant about a month so this really helps me get oriented in what options there are.

I’ve added the shelly product to my amazon wishlist. I will study it. Looks like Shelly has some other interesting products too.