Can I Get My Energy Consumption from PSEG Into Home Assistant?

My power company PSEG has detailed information about my energy consumption on their website. I can even see hour by hour consumption from my smart meter.

I always forget to check though and it would be much more convenient for it to be in Home Assistant.

Is there a way to do an integration for this? I couldn’t find anything on their website or by googling it.

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Why not call their customer service and speak to a rep. See if they have an integration or add-on, if not who to talk to about getting it done for their customer base.

Other solution is to get the Shelly EM-2 or EM3 and get it installed in your electrical panel. I just did mine at the end of January. It seems to be working great so far. That way I have a check on the accuracy of my Smart Meter (here in Michigan it is either CE or DTE or a city owned/operated provider). My Smart Meter has no blinking LED to count pulses or to hang a AI with camera to read the meter.

thanks device you referenced. I’ve only had home assistant about a month so this really helps me get oriented in what options there are.

I’ve added the shelly product to my amazon wishlist. I will study it. Looks like Shelly has some other interesting products too.

I want to be able to do the same thing. If only someone can create an integration for PSEG, they do have great details on the app and website , that would prevent me to buy expensive device to monitor my energy consumption.

I don’t have PSEG but an integration was recently made for PGE (different electric company). Someone proficient may be able to use it as a starting point.

There are a bunch of ‘PGE*/PSEG*’ utilities that have confusingly close names.

A number of utilities use a 3rd party ‘Opower’ SaaS solution for their smart meter portals. (Opower is now owned by Oracle).

Check the Opower integration to see if your utility is listed. Right now I don’t think PSEG is.

Using your browser’s web developer tools you can tell if opower is being used when accessing your utility’s smart meter portal.

My utility is PSEGLI – PSEG Long Island (New York). They seem to be using a different 3rd part smart meter SaaS solution called “MyMeter” from Accelerated Innovations LLC.

So far I haven’t found integrations (or hacks) for MyMeter. Unfortunately “MyMeter” is a generic enough name that it is hard to search for it specifically.

If anyone has any solutions or knows of anyone working on something for MyMeter, please let me know.

My PSEGLI meter is one of the Landis RF Gridstream meters that has Zigbee built in. But the utility has to enable that. I can’t find anything about PSEGLI and ways to get that enabled.

I’d be interested whether your PSEG uses any of the same stuff.


Tagging on as I have PSEGLI also and would love to pull in data. Probably going to end up installing a Sense.


Greetings fellow LI Hass user. I suggest a fair bit a research before plunking down the money on the Sense. While I haven’t looked too deeply into the Sense products, the impression I’ve gotten from other people’s results isn’t very positive. Neat idea, but pricey. You have to spend a bunch of time training it. Despite that it can still make a bunch of wrong guesses, which you can work around by adding more individual monitors. By the time you do enough of those, it’s not clear that the Sense and the ML features were worth it.

I’m considering other options which will take a bit more work but provide a lot more accuracy and detail.

Hi !!! from LI Suffolk area. I called PSEG requesting access to my API, surprisingly they have no idea what I am talking about. The conversation last about 30mins. Who ever talked to me tried to get info from other technical agents they have no clue on what that was. Funny is they have a system that works on their web site and give fair amount of consummation and details about the appliance used or what is pulling more energy and things. Next. I ended up getting NEURIO and tried to match with the info from their web site, but with NEURIO I cannot get the app to identify the appliance after months neurio keeps asking for more time to learn.

I am interested this this as well. Although I am a PSEG customer in NJ. The MyMeter dashboard looks fantastic and it would be great if the data could be integrated into HA somehow.


I can across thus. Does this help

Tagging on here. Would love to be able to track PSEG out of NJ. Smart Meter was just installed in our house, but it seems that is not open at the moment.

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I am also on Long Island and would love to see official integration.
I already have Z-wave network, and I was able to score rather cheap power meter that just clamps to mains. It does serve the purpose of feeding raw data.
Now just need water (I see some wireless readers installed on utility poles) and gas

ANyone know how use the API here? UtilityAPI - Docs - Utilities - PSEG

Maybe get someone to write a program for this?

Does this help? UtilityAPI - Docs - Utilities - PSEG

Would love to see this happen as well

please vote for the feature here:


No, it seems like the only thing they offer for PSEG is tariffs. Not any actual data from the utility company.

This is actually extremely helpful and promising, the only issue is, it’s not grabbing the API key out of a login, it’s having you go fetch it from a cookie. This would need a lot of work to get going.