Can I manually update TailScale client while the addon update is pending?

Hey all,
Firstly, TailScale rocks. Cant say it loud enough. Big thanks and respect for efforts in developing the add on. @frenck
I noticed the client used on the HA OS add on is not tracking the official version very closely.
From reading other posts like “(Tailscale Funnel - Update tailscale binary)” I see there is a new updated add on in the pipe. It will likely go to client version 1.34 [or 1.30] and the official version is at 1.36 already.

My question is this. Is there a way I can safely update the TaliScale client from the command line without braking the add on?
I’m limited in resources so I cant spin up a VM install and mess with it to find out more.

EDIT ## I have been attempting install from a copy the Git repo [GitHub - hassio-addons/addon-tailscale: Tailscale - Home Assistant Community Add-ons] copied to the addons directory. Its failing with [returned a non-zero code: 1] form [The command '/bin/bash -o pipefail -c apk add …]
I’m playing around quite blindly really. Its fun for a little while. If anyone has pointers on a solution then I’ll certainly have a little try.


@Fredster did you manage to resolve this? I’m having the same issue.

The other day I found a beta version ( I think betaa ) of a tailscale Funnel add-on that is being worked on. Its using a newer version of tailscale (1.38.1 instead of current linux release of 1.32) I have not found any issues yet. I’'m not using the funnel features, just the regular drop in VPN functionality.