Tailscale Funnel - Update tailscale binary

To test out the Tailscale funnel functionality I would like to update the tailscale binary used.
I am running Hassio so I am not sure how I can edit this and install it myself?

I noticed the addon uses something like this and I was wondering if I can just edit this myself or is
that hard?

So goal would be to just upgrade the binary to an unstable version so I could test this out to for example link Home assistant with google assistant.

I started to maintain my own fork of this addon a while ago and just added the new Tailscale Funnel feature. Feel free to give it a try if you want to.

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This was a great add-on and it’s a shame to see it gone from github. Has it been relocated elsewhere or removed?

I have abandoned the add-on as I no longer use Tailscale. However, there is an actively maintained fork of the original add-on: GitHub - lmagyar/homeassistant-addon-tailscale: Adds some functionality to the Tailscale Home Assistant Community Add-on https://github.com/hassio-addons/addon-tailscale