Can I replace this security alarm panel with an android tablet?

I moved into a house recently and they had this alarm system panel. I want to replace this panel with an android tablet running Home Assistant.

I’d like to be able to get power to this location. Does anyone know if there’d be a way to use these power cables to charge an android tablet? Is that possible?

I don’t know much about electrical work at all, unfortunately.

Have you ever seen in a movie or a tv show where they take a gum wrapper and short a sensor to break into a building? They also have to be successful (Beverly Hills Cop) lol. Depending on which sensors they installed and how they are installed this act of dishonesty might be possible.
I would say pitch the controller, and sensors, and use whatever sensors you would like since the wires are still there (or wireless), and use your own power supply for the tablet. You still have the option to power the new sensors with the old power supply if compatible. It really depends on the system you choose.

Hey @jeremytodd1 if you’re still interested in this I’ve just replaced a similar/same panel with a fully wireless setup but it would be even easier to just get a DC to DC converter that plugs directly into your tablet. This should be low-voltage and a good first project to tackle if you’re confident. Of course if you’re not, stop a/o call a pro.